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2010-05-27 Call Minutes

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HL7 Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile Meeting

Meeting Logistics

Date/Time: Thursday, May 27, 2010 / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST
Location: Phone: 1- 770-657-9270; Passcode: 510269
  • Helen Stevens (co-chair)
  • John Ritter (EHR WG Co-chair)
  • Peter Harrison
  • Marilyn McGuire
  • John Elerton


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Agenda review and approval
    • Agenda approved.
  3. Approval of minutes from previous calls: May 6th
    • Minutes approved.
  4. Review Actions from previous meeting(s)
    1. ACTION: John to send ballot worksheets and information to Helen when he gets them.
      • Completed
    2. ACTION: Helen to distribute ballot reconciliation work to the list and schedule reconciliation for May 27th call.
      • Completed
  5. Ballot Reconciliation Discussion
    • Ballot Results ZIP file
    • Helen provided an overview of the ballot responses. It was agreed that there was good response but there are sufficient negatives that need to be reconciled. The large number of registered voters who abstained or did not vote indicates the level of interest in this work.
  6. Working Group Meeting Update
    • John Ritter provided an update from the EHR Work Group sessions at the WGM.
    • The main goal of the WGM was to progress the Release 2.0 activity. About half the time was spent 'heads down' working on Release 2.0 with the other time spent reviewing, discussing, coordinating project activities.
    • Did not finish the Release 2.0 development so have confirmed an out of cycle meeting to be held in Chicago between June 9th and 11th. There are currently 6 attendees confirmed.
    • The goal for when Release 2.0 will be published will be established after the June meeting, but probably will be a 'comment only' ballot for October 2010 and full balloting at committee level for January 2011.
    • ISO met and approved a NWIP for the Release 2.0 work.
  7. Planning for next cycle
    1. Update from NCI
      • Helen provided an update from NCI. The following directive was recieved from Charlie Mead (NCI project sponsor):
        • As was stated at the kickoff for the caEHR project, the NCI/CBIIT is committed to both consuming and contributing to various standards efforts including some specific efforts within HL7.
        • With respect to the Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile (AO FP) of the Electronic Health Record System and its relation to the caEHR project, NCI/CBIIT maintains its firm commitment to contribute to and participate in the definition and ultimate balloting of an AO FP over the course of the caEHR's expected 2010-11 development lifecycle, the specific timing to be determined by the availability of resources to move such a Functional Profile forward through HL7.
        • To demonstrate its support of this effort, the NCI/CBIIT has funded the formation of the AO FP group and has, to date, been the sole provider of the group's leadership.
        • Going forward, however, NCI/CBIIT does not consider it part of its core mission or caEHR-based goals to be the sole leader or contributor to the effort to define and ballot an AO FP. Rather, the NCI/CBIIT feels strongly that to be successful, the AO FP effort must include additional contributions and leadership buy-in from a community beyond NCI/CBIIT's immediate sphere-of-influence.
        • In summary, the NCI/CBIIT is willing to support funded resources for a portion of the leadership and content submission tasks. However, the NCI/CBIIT feels strongly that the true value of an AO FP will only be realized if the effort to develop that FP is co-led by multiple resources, including those outside the NCI/CBIIT or the caEHR team.
        • As a consequence, the NCI/CBIIT is scaling back its current level of administrative/leadership support for the AO FP effort.
        • NCI/CBIIT realizes that it is often the case that such efforts require a certain amount of "maturation" or "curation" time and, in particular, given the still-early state of solid requirements for the caEHR project, it may be the case that the group may not be able to maintain forward momentum in the short-term without exclusive NCI/CBIIT leadership.
        • Should it be the case that the current group is unable - for the immediate future - to continue without exclusive NCI/CBIIT leadership, the work will, in fact, cease.
        • However, NCI/CBIIT does not view this as a failure, but rather simply as the need for community maturation, a phenomena with which the NCI/CBIIT has considerable historical experience.
        • The NCI/CBIIT hopes that the current AO FP work will continue. NCI/CBIIT wants, however, it to be very clear to HL7 that this scaling back of resources does not in any way, shape, or form, represent a decrease in NCI/CBIIT's commitment to HL7, its products, or its mission.
      • Helen has been instructed that she can allocate up to an hour per week to support the project and needs to find an alternate sponsor for the project.
      • The impact of this change was discussed extensively with some concern raised over the impact to the industry if this work is put on hold for any extended time. Marilyn noted that there are many vendors working on national initiatives and without the guidance of this functional profile there could be a negative impact on this work as each goes their own way.
      • It was noted that CCHIT is currently launching an Oncology Conformance Criteria development workgroup and if/how our work to date could be contributed by HL7 to this activity as has been the norm in the past. Peter was concerned that the functional profile - as it is today - has not undergone sufficient review to be something for CCHIT to adopt.
      • It was identified that there are a few options that the project could take forward; a new project sponsor is identified who can continue this work going forward or the project is suspended until a new sponsor can be identified.
      • ACTION: Helen to contact other key members of this work group and update them on the status and invite them to come to the June 3rd conference call to discuss options going forward.
      • ACTION: John R to update the other EHR WG Co-chairs on the situation.
  8. Document Review Session
    • There was no time remaining to get into this topic.
  9. Other business
    • None raised
  10. Agenda items for next meeting (June 3rd):
    1. CDC NPCR Project Discussion and Storyboard Presentation
    2. Project next steps discussion and decision.
  11. Call adjourned at 2:25pm EST.