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2010-02-25 Call Minutes

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HL7 Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile Meeting

Meeting Logistics

Date/Time: Thursday, February 25, 2010 / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST
Location: Telecon 866 564 2805 x9306830#
  • Helen Stevens (co-chair)
  • John Ritter (coChair HL7 EHR Workgroup)
  • Jean Duteau (GPi)
  • Dr. Marla Hawkins, MD (Pediatric Oncologist)
  • Patrick Loyd (GPi)
  • Dr. John Ellerton (Medical Oncologist, Nevada CCOP)
  • Dr. Peter Harrison (IKnowMed)
  • Marilyn Maguire (Fuji)
  • Mollie Ullman-Cullere
  • Sandy Stuart


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Agenda review and approval
  3. Review and approve Notice of Intent to Ballot (for May 2010 ballot cycle).
    • John Ritter chaired for this agenda item and established that quorum was achieved for the HL7 EHR WG and that this intention to vote was appropriately pre-announced.
    • Helen walked through the NIB form as completed on the HL7 website NIB-Form.
    • MOTION: Helen moved to approve the Notice of Intent to Ballot as presented; seconded by Jean Duteau. Vote: Unanimous
      • Discussion:
        Peter raised a general concern that we would be able to review all the material in time for the ballot and did this require us to ballot and did we have a broad enough representation on these calls?
        John Ritter replied that we could decide to withdraw from the ballot if the material is not ready.
        Helen Stevens replied that all the material has been posted on the wiki since January (the functions substantively have not been changed), and that open calls for participation in this group have been made since September 2009 WGM.
  4. Approval of minutes from previous calls: February 11th, January 28th and January 14th
    • Unanimously approved
  5. Upcoming call schedule
    • Due to the volume of material to review Helen suggested that we may wish to move to weekly conference calls for the month of March so that we have ample opportunity to discuss the material. Additionally, Helen is unavailable for the March 11th call (due to vacation in Mexico!).
    • After some discussion it was agreed that we would meet next week (March 4th), skip March 11th, and then meet on a weekly basis until April 8th deadline for the ballot submission.
    • ACTION: John Ritter to setup conference calls for the additional dates (same time and other logistics).
  6. Review Actions from previous meeting(s)
    February 11th Call
    1. ACTION: Helen will discuss the DrohanHughes2009BreastModularEHR.pdf with the caEHR project team at the NCI and provide comment back to the team on how this relates to the NCI architectural plans.
      • Completed - This has been submitted to the team for consideration. Note that currently the caEHR project is undergoing a planning cycle and Helen will report back any impact on this project.
    2. ACTION: Dr. Hughes will draft some language about interoperability with the HL7 Genomics standards that can be incorporated into the Patient History section of the functional profile.
      • Completed – Helen is incorporating into the Overview document and the Functions.
    3. ACTION: Marla will write some specifics around pediatric oncology, items that are unique to pediatrics or how the scope of practice is defined. Take into consideration any adjustment any change we need to make to the profile.
      • Completed – Helen has incorporated into the Overview.
    4. ACTION: Christine to develop scope/introductory language on Geriatric Oncology with Dr. John.
      • Completed – Helen has incorporated into the Overview.
    5. ACTION: All team members to review glossary and submit changes/comments for next call.
      • Open – Helen has not received any comments on the glossary over the past 2 weeks.
    6. ACTION: Christine will add “Nurse Navigator” to the glossary as it compares to “Care Coordinator”.
      • Open – Christine is awaiting a response from the nursing association for the formal definition.
    7. ACTION Marla to provide Helen to generic drug names so we don’t use brand names in the use case.
      • Completed – Have been incorporated into Storyboard.
  7. Project Team representation
    • Do we have enough of the right people participating in this project? What "industries" do we have represented? What countries do we have represented?
    • Helen raised concern that we have not had any direct international engagement in the project (although there has been interest expressed). Helen will approach the Affiliate Council to see if there is any interest, and we can see who votes during the ballot. If there is an objection from International that there has not been adequate international review, then we may wish to make this a US Realm project only.
    • ACTION Helen to contact International Council members and see if there is any interest to participate in the project before the ballot.
    • ACTION All attendees to email Helen ( their organizations/affiliations for inclusion in the FP Acknowledgements.
  8. Document Review Session
    1. Storyboard document was reviewed and all changes updated in the document have been approved by the group.
      • Mollie raised a question about the inclusion of links to clinical decision support (CDS) tools in the storyboard. John Ellerton cautioned that any automated CDS tools must be implemented in a way that is supportive of patient care, and not adding burden to clinicians to explain why they have not followed inappropriate prompts from the system.
      • ACTION: Molly to document the capabilities of Decision Support tools and Clinical Genomic tools and send to Helen for inclusion in the Storyboard or as part of the FP Overview.
    2. Glossary
      • Helen Reviewed the glossary document (as posted in the Working Documents page of this wiki) and identified several items without definitions or incomplete/unverified definitions. Helen has not received any input on the glossary since the last call.
      • ACTION Marla Hawkins and John Ellerton will review the glossary and send Helen updates by March 3rd.
    3. Direct Care Section (DC.1 to DC.1.5)
      • Helen had not received any comment on the Direct Care functions since the last call. She brought up the document (from the Working Documents page of this wiki) and gave an overview and explained the background and source of some of the changes. Helen recommended that comments be inserted (using revision markers) into the FP Profile Comments column and/or using Word comments. We need to focus our conference call discussions on the questions/issues, not a line-by-line review otherwise we will be working on it for years! :-)
      • John Ritter commented that reviewers should focus on functions that are relevant to their areas of expertise and to Oncology and also to focus on areas of 'current pain' in EHRs – such as where current EHR systems do not meet the needs of Oncology. Helen suggested that Chemotherapy treatment and Receiving Referrals are two areas that should be reviewed with this focus.
      • Peter raised some questions about how the Functional Model cross references requirements. John Ritter provided some background and explanation. John recommended review of the Functional Model Overview (available from the HL7 Standards website) for a good explanation on the background of how the Model was developed.
  9. Decision on document review for next meeting:
    • Decision that focus for next meeting should be the initial review of the DC.1 section of the functional profile. Team should email any comments, questions or discussion points to Helen before end of Wednesday (March 3rd) for inclusion in the March 4th conference call agenda.
  10. Other business
    • None
  11. Agenda for next meeting:
    • NCI caBIG project use of standards discussion
      • Guest: Dr. Juli Klemm, Associate Director, Integrative Cancer Research Products and Programs, NCI Center for Bioinformatics
      • Guest: John Speakman, Associate Director, Clinical Products and Programs, NCI Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
  12. Meeting adjourned at 2:34pm EST.