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2010-01-05 Online Presence Call Minutes

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Online Presence Project- Electronic Services Committee Tuesday, January 5, 2010 03:00 PM (US Eastern Time, UTC -5)
To participate, dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 988978#
GoToMeeting at
GoToMeeting ID: 129-011-626

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  • Mike Kingery

Meeting Admin

Meeting Attendance - :

At Name Affiliation Email Address
x Bill Braithwaite Anakam, ES
x Freida Hall VA, PSC
x Dave Hamill HL7 HQ, ES
Mike Kingery HL7 HQ, ES
Ted Klein
x Lynn Laakso HL7 HQ
x Patrick Loyd GPInformatics, ES
x Ken McCaslin HL7 TSS SD
Helen Stevens PIC
Nancy Wilson-Ramon PIC

Dave offers apologies and must leave the call.

  1. Accept Agenda – accepted by general consent.

Freida asked about the minutes repository.
New PIC co-chair Helen Stevens should be invited in future. It was noted that Helen may be the appointed candidate, and one cochair must be elected, so perhaps Nancy will run for election.

  1. Approve 2009-12-22_Online_Presence_Call_Minutes – deferred.
  2. Discussion topics
    • Co-chair handbook recommendation
      • Freida suggested vote on ballot in ballot comment spreadsheet can be zipped up with the ballots, and not needed separately in the minutes. Should this be included with the minutes template? Lynn will follow up with HQ on who updates the minutes template.
      • Freida also suggested a best practices suggestion of using general consent for approval (adopted by unanimous consent) of non controversial topics like minutes.
      • 3.9.2 instead of referencing the utility, add ‘or your minutes web page' where it can be uploaded directly.
      • Corrections needed to the cochairs handbook; perhaps need better tracking. Refer to PIC co-chairs. Was the cochair handbook approved by PIC prior to September or was it a draft? Lynn will follow up. A version was published to PIC’s documents page dated 9/21/2009. Ken thought they would kick off collection of suggestions at May meeting for update by September and publish in January. PIC’s three year plan shows a release of updated cochair handbook in September meetings. Perhaps significant changes such as this will make need of an interim release.
      • Under 3.11.2 regarding point 2 on Worded motions, suggest change that allows motions for ballot reconciliation can be included in 5 instead of 2.
      • Ken noted that we should use the HL7 standard language; instead of “PIC recommends”, we say Work Groups “shall” post minutes, agendas, and action items. Freida notes that we should include link to the verbiage definitions as well for the co-chairs. Wholesale revision change for modal verb language could be considered for next update.
      • Patrick asks if groups meet and don’t have quorum and don’t have official minutes how are our expectations met? If quorum is not reached please file a document that indicates that quorum was not met. Lynn does validate the conference calling records against the WG call schedule. Freida suggests a notation in the minutes for ‘quorum met’, and Patrick notes it could be as easy as a check box.
      • Minutes from a conference call posted within one week of the call is under 5.5; should be under 5.6. Work Groups generally do not have conference calls at WGMs though ES has used conference calling for Mike Kingery's participation.
    • Webfilestatistics review
      • A zero means they are only putting the info on their web page and in no additional places. A ‘4’ (FM) means total of five places you could find the information.
      • Facilitating the movement of information of the most common landing places to the place we expect, namely getting information off the wiki to the web site.
      • Can’t tell from the spreadsheet if they are using non HL7 sites. FM using GForge MITA project, mita at wikispaces, and the HL7 wiki.
      • Will changing the modal verbs on the co chairs handbook be sufficient to drive the documentation to the primary location? Would be verified by Work Group Health statistic on minutes.
      • Now that we have the additional resources part of the web page do they really have to be posted on the web page? The cochair handbook states it has to be the minutes page. The additional resources page solves the problem of helping people find the minutes, and the exclusive recommendation of using the website for minutes dates back prior to the presence of the wikis. It can’t be just any place, though. It has to be on a site under HL7 control, website or wiki, for audit access.
    • PDF vs ODF review – not needed if we use wiki. Talk to PIC first, who is meeting next on Friday 9Jan2010 and Lynn will attend.
  3. Next Steps
    • Will we be meeting again before the WGM? ES meets next Tuesday so, no Online Presence time is scheduled. ES WGM time is limited. If Ken can’t make Jan 26th, should we wait until Feb 9th. Lynn will schedule our next discussion for Jan 26th and report back any updates from PIC.

Adjourned 4:03 PM