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==The Grid ...==
==The Grid ...==
Jane Curry: I do want to go there.  Take a hard look at it.  I looked at which cells are signed up.
Jane Curry: I do want to go there.  Take a hard look at it.  I looked at which cells are signed up.

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Architecture Board

January 29, 2009


  • DTM: Thu Jan 29, 2009 03:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
  • Phone Number: 770-657-9270
  • Participant Passcode: 854126

Attendance - Roll Call

Name PresentWith AffiliationE-mail address
Curry, Jane Yes ArB Health Information
Grieve, Grahame Yes ArB Kestral
Julian, Tony Yes ArB Mayo
Koisch, John Yes ArB
Loyd, Patrick YesARBGordon point Informatics LTD.
Lynch, Cecil Yes ArB ontoreason
Mead, Charlie Yes ArB Booz Allen
Nelson, Dale YesArb
Ocasio, Wendell YesArBAgilex
Parker, Ron ? ArB CA
Quinn, John ? ArB Health Level Seven,
Shakir, Abdul-Malik Yes ArB Shakir

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 3:02 U.S. Eastern by chair John Koisch with Tony Julian as scribe.

Roll Call

See Attendance for a list of participants


  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of minutes January 22, 2009 Telcon
  • Agenda for Las Vegas 20090415_arb_OOC_agenda
  • Update on project tracker for Behavioral Framework
  • Are there other projects that need trackers?
  • Update on Behavioral Framework
  • Update on SAEAF
  • The Grid ... The Grid
  • SOA workgroups practical guide
  • Technical newsletter
  • Status of MOU's
  • Scheduling of SAEAF tutorial
  • Other topics ....
  • Adjournment

Approval of agenda

MMS to approve the agenda above <Patrick Loyd:/Jane Curry:> Vote:(8-0-0)

Approval of minutes

MMS to approve the minutes of the January 22, 2009 Telcon by Jane Curry:/Dale Nelson: Vote (8-0-0)

Agenda for Las Vegas


John Koisch: Do we have the high level topics? This is the draft agenda submitted to John Quinn:. There are quite a few that need financial support. John Quinn: has everything he needs, and we should hear by Monday for final approval.

Jane Curry: This falls right at the point where the TSC's project for the SAEAF roll-out - are we going to engage with anyone on that project.

John Koisch: One of the things we will request, Mark Koehn from Infoway is approved. We will ask him to join the ArB at least bi-weekly to make sure we are in sync. The other part of the answer is that the bits from the grid discussion, educational materials, and SAEAF re-write. We should add a section on the agenda, with other points for interaction.

Jane Curry: We have a track of work that is dependent on that. April 15 is in right front of the Kyoto WGM, and we should have what will be done so we can be in alignment with that project.

John Koisch: You are right Jane, we need to be responsive to the TSC.

Update on project tracker for Behavioral Framework

Tony Julian: Wilfred Bonney, HL7 HQ reports that the tracker will be available on Friday, January 30, 2009. Tony will notify the ArB mailing list and other interested parties.

John Koisch: I will send a list of access.

Jane Curry: Anybody on the ArB should have an account on project homebase.

John Koisch: Any other projects that need trackers?

Are there other projects that need trackers?

John Koisch: Any other projects that need trackers?

Tony Julian: The tracker is for the SAEAF.

John Koisch: We will need to organize it into parts: Behavioral Framework and other parts.

Jane Curry: Administrator can categorize.

John Koisch: If overarching project is SAEAF we are good.

Update on Behavioral Framework

John Koisch: Alan Honey and I put together a last release version of the BF based on the version I sent out last Friday. It is stable enough to move forward. The BF project is collecting the input to put on a tracker. He has sent to Charlie.

Update on SAEAF

John Koisch: Charlie has sent to the list the introduction and introductory slide deck. He has turned it into multiple topics that we can track. His due date is Feb-9-2009. Once it is published we will call for peer review comments, and other issues. We will adjudicate those in April.

Jane Curry: Should people do their comments through the tracker?

John Koisch: Good idea.

Jane Curry: Minimizes the hassle factor for reconciliation.

John Koisch: Specially given it is now six documents. He has finished the first section, and is working on the rest. Send comments to Charlie, or hold off until it gets published.

Jane Curry: Is the update of the grid getting back to it?

John Koisch: Yes.

The Grid ...


Jane Curry: I do want to go there. Take a hard look at it. I looked at which cells are signed up.

John Koisch: I signed up for two as author. Everybody can sign up as a reviewer on at least one section.

Jane Curry: Cells are named for their intersection of the conformance level and the viewpoint, with the intent of the cell and candidate artifacts. As of this morning, no one had changed any descriptions. I think we should identify which ones have missing authors. I would like to get some sense from the group that the descriptions are accurate.

Cecil Lynch: I am having trouble getting in to edit a cell. It cannot retrieve my e-mail - keeps failing.

Patrick Loyd: Contact to work out the issues.

Jane Curry: I put my name down for the full enterprise viewpoint, so I can see how the refinements and transformations work. I added a cell at the implementable design level.

Cecil Lynch: I am signing for conceptual design.

Dale Nelson: Can we sign up?

John Koisch: It is on the wiki.

Jane Curry: Reference Business is me. Italics name means they are responsible. Any disagreement?

Jane Curry: Analysis Business: I will elaborate if there is agreement. Any Disagreement?

Wendell Ocasio: Some aspects of the EHR FM are more specific to the behavior of an application. Jane Curry - that's why it is a candidate artifact for the Computational Viewpoint as well

Jane Curry: Conceptual design: I will take silence as agreement.

Jane Curry: Implementable design: Some of the rules, E.G. Arden syntax,GELLO belong appropriately here.

Cecil Lynch: Why is it the conceptual?

Jane Curry: Should be implementable.

Wendell Ocasio: What cell would bind to business rules.

Jane Curry: we need to have the conversation on the transformations/binding between cells, to reflect it in the grid.

Wendell Ocasio: Do we expect that there is traceability down for all the cells?

Jane Curry: yes

Wendell Ocasio: what does the business rules trace to at the conceptual levels?

Jane Curry: business context

Abdul-Malik Shakir: business roles

Jane Curry: There are other artifacts at the design - the policy engine for business rules. These are candidate, but not exhaustive.

Wendell Ocasio: At least a starting set of candidates. We should have a sense of traceability. I wanted to walk through it - feel free to add artifacts.

Cecil Lynch: What i am hearing is that there is some type of poster child to walk through it.

Wendell Ocasio: I am new, and am trying to understand. For the bottom cells, there needs to be traceability to those above.

Cecil Lynch: You can trace a GELLO rule. It walks through from the business model, everything down to writing the rule.

Jane Curry: It strikes me that GELLO and Arden are references that belong in this viewpoint.

Cecil Lynch: I agree. the specification and implementation is in the lowest level.

Jane Curry: I agree. I made sure that everything in the previous version gets here - I moved and added stuff. I did not add GELLO or Arden at that viewpoint.

John Koisch: Five Minutes.

Abdul-Malik Shakir: Ten Minutes?/

Jane Curry: Who will take ownership, and is the intent correct?

Cecil Lynch: I think so.

Jane Curry: Reference - Informational.

Abdul-Malik Shakir: The line that says bridge model should be DAM.

Jane Curry: One level down. The domain is very broad. Bridge is not a RIM-based model.

Cecil Lynch: It is a rim based model.

Jane Curry: It is a rim-derived model.

Jane Curry: There are levels in each cell we need to document. I would be happy to put it in as a DAM.

Cecil Lynch: A lot could go in a number of different squares. We almost need a context column. If you think of building a DAM in HL7, the RIM is at a higher level.

Jane Curry: Domain analysis model can be expressed w/o the RIM.

Cecil Lynch: It must be agnostic depending on your viewpoint.

Jane Curry: Agree with description of Analysis-informational.

Abdul-Malik Shakir: I will take this cell, and bridge should be removed from reference to analysis.

Jane Curry: Agree

Abdul-Malik Shakir: anything can be used as a reference, but that does not make it a reference.

Jane Curry: Look at conceptual design-informational

John Koisch: Dams are ballot-able?

Jane Curry: this is constrained to the RIM at HL7.

Abdul-Malik Shakir: DIM used to be a DMIM.

Jane Curry: Design informational model? I found wording that confused the DIM with the DAM with the DMIM.

Abdul-Malik Shakir: DIM works fine.

Cecil Lynch: AMS - where do you see the DIM feeding from or to? Into or our of domain analysis.

Abdul-Malik Shakir: DIM conforms to domain analysis.

Cecil Lynch: Abstractly, this is from concept mapping, the first thing I do is a conceptual model

John Koisch: Rename that strata?

Abdul-Malik Shakir: we ballot this

John Koisch: Logical at that level

Abdul-Malik Shakir: if we make that change, we will modify material.

John Koisch: Charlie will be changing.

MMS AMS/CL to change conceptual design to logical. (8-0-0)

Abdul-Malik Shakir: drop the word design.

Jane Curry: Good to have Wendell review.

John Koisch: Dale and Patrick and Wendell please sign up as reviewer.

Wendell Ocasio: Give me what is left.

Status of MOU's

Abdul-Malik Shakir: Discussed with Richard and Chuck. The section to be revisited - that HL7 become a member of OMG, and OMG of HL7. That would influence how these things are worded.

Wendell Ocasio: OMG has organizations members, with one vote per organization.

Jane Curry: An organization has restricted votes.

Dale Nelson: OMG designate members as voting. 2.2 The last line OMG will recognize HL7 members as associate members - what is an associate member vs a member?

Wendell Ocasio: OMG has many member types - some can show up and not have voting rights.

Abdul-Malik Shakir: whatever voting rights will be extended to HL7. I am trying to get concurrence that some of the wording needs to be changed.

Other topics ....

SAEAF education

Charlie Mead: this is an effort to get the audience about what HSSP has done, and how it will align with SAEAF.

John Koisch: do we need SAEAF education.

Abdul-Malik Shakir: we were confused. Will we have time for SAEAF education?

Charlie Mead: Is there room on the program

Abdul-Malik Shakir: time constraints - are we offering both? Wednesday or Thursday

Charlie Mead: Thursday

Abdul-Malik Shakir: We will put SAEAF on Thursday

Charlie Mead: I will take lead.

Jane Curry: Is ken also speaking?

Abdul-Malik Shakir: HISP?

Charlie Mead: No, HSSP and SAEAF. I sent a first cut to the education list.

Technical newsletter

The following will be posted by e-mail to ALL of HL7 Thursday:

Services Aware Enterprise Architecture Framework (SAEAF) Version 200902 "The HL7 Architecture Review Board(ArB) has finished the first peer review of the Services Aware Enterprise Architecture Framework (SAEAF) document. The disposition of the comments may be found at

The next release of the SAEAF document will be posted on or about February 6, 2009. Interested parties may obtain a copy of the SAEAF document as well as the peer review instructions at

All peer reviews are due by March 9, 2009. The Arb will review the peer review April, 15-17, 2009 in conjunction with the Harmonization meeting. "

John Koisch: Add notification to the technical newsletter as well.

Tony Julian: Will add.

SOA workgroups practical guide

John Koisch: soar guide? HSSP has published the SOA practical guide with HL7 nomenclature. We are asked to review the guide as it is aligned to SAEAF. There is crosstalk about SOA guide - they say contradictory things. I will put up a wi ki page commenting on the SOA practical guide. Please contribute thoughts/issues. I will send out the site of the document, you can pull down and review.

Charlie Mead: The reason for the HSSP/SAEAF tutorial is from TSC.


Motion to adjourn with exhaustion at 4:04 PM U.S. Eastern Tony 21:33, 29 January 2009 (UTC)