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2009-12-22 Online Presence Call Minutes

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Online Presence Project- Electronic Services Committee Tuesday, December 22, 2009 03:00 PM (US Eastern Time, UTC -5)
To participate, dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 988978#
GoToMeeting at
GoToMeeting ID: 129-011-626

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  • Freida Hall

Meeting Admin

Meeting Attendance - :

At Name Affiliation Email Address
x Bill Braithwaite Anakam, ES
Freida Hall VA, ES
x Dave Hamill HL7 HQ, ES
Mike Kingery HL7 HQ, ES
Ted Klein
x Lynn Laakso HL7 HQ
x Patrick Loyd GPInformatics, ES
x Ken McCaslin HL7 TSS SD
Nancy Wilson-Ramon PIC
  1. Accept Agenda –
  2. Discussion topics
    • Project review - scope statement
      • Ken: Goal – consistent, reliable process for meeting minutes to be placed. Initiated in the TSC. Best practices could turn into a policy; participants coming into HL7 would know where to go for documents.
      • Patrick noted policy set in stone for years as message to WG leaders but has not had uptake. Either our best practices are not documented well enough, or the place we’ve chosen (website) is less convenient and need to move template of minutes to wiki? Need to make the wiki as part of the solution.
      • Ken agrees; his position was similar but not well received. He doesn’t find the wiki as helpful or useful.
      • ES has at least tried to obtain the alternate locations of documentation but Ken doesn’t want to have to solve the problem again.
      • Patrick doesn’t mind if we look at new technology to solve the problem.
      • Need to manage the issue and make more clearly defined, says Ken. Wiki is a free-for-all. Perhaps templates, would someone want to create?
      • Patrick suggests we look at the spreadsheet to see how many are using what tool to get an idea of who is doing what.
      • Lynn concerned that collecting external locations for WG documents may have implicitly given permission to use outside locations. Ken related a WG that already had 6 external locations and wanted to add a seventh. How many are appropriate? The hammer must come from the TSC.
      • Ken added that the Cochair handbook needs to be socialized; was not updated in three years or so. It may be as simple as that. We should make adjustments to support the wiki page and then have a promotion of the co-chair handbook. Patrick says we should get on the agenda for Monday night co-chair dinner and meeting. We can remind them of their obligations while not getting down on them about it.
      • Patrick also notes that we should look at all the things a committee has to manage and the tools they use to manage those things. Say, for a medium sized group having 4 or 5 people where the roles of facilitator fall to the same people time again. For example using SVN for artifacts, do they store their meeting minutes there too?
      • What do we want to do, like a discussion document or whitepaper? Bill notes that there is a policy that the minutes repository on the web site should hold the final product of your meeting minutes. Tools to get there in the meantime are left open. Should be any minutes (WGM or concall) from any WG (or project as subteam of WG).
      • Spreadsheet of WG document locations (located in Project Insight). It’s not in the Documents and Presentations section for ES WG web page. It was part of the project so it was in Project Insight.
      • Action Item: have the spreadsheet pulled together for summary information for next meeting. Ken thinks there is a summary spreadsheet; what Dave found in Project Insight is the set of 20 individual spreadsheets. Dave found WebFileStatistics2008.xls from email.
      • Lynn will link from the wiki page for the project to the spreadsheet after Dave loads it to ES web page, and pull references to minutes in the co-chairs handbook. Dave will also load the WebFileStatistics to the Project Insight repository.
    • Next steps – can discuss at next ES call, but schedule next project call for Jan 5th.
      • Patrick leaves the call.
      • We looked at FM who uses a site for their documents and it the site is managed by Allan Collautt Associates Inc. It is another reason why we want official documents on the HL7 web site. Noted that some members have problems with Word documents and then find the wiki easier. Bill notes we want the permanent record of activities need to be accessible to anyone, so should be on the web site. 3.11.2 for meeting minutes for conference calls. 3.12.2 notes that meeting minutes after a WGM should be in Word, PDF or Zip file format. Bill felt that a group can do temporary work any way it feels like but permanent record of decisions made and work product need to go to one source of truth, and for minutes on the web site. Lynn notes that if people use the wiki like she does it would be convenient to have the ability to print PDF. We could use Open Office ODF format, and there is also a Word open source type editor in that suite for those who have trouble with Microsoft Word.

Adjourned 4:04 pm