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2009-03-24 EA IP Advisory Group Call Agenda

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TSC EA IP Advisory Group

Tuesday, March 24 2009 at 3 PM EDT (US Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4)
To participate, dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 124466#
GoToMeeting at
GoToMeeting ID: 563-682-304

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  • Meeting Goal: To assess Alpha Project engagement approach
  1. Roll call:
    • Chair: Marc Koehn (
    • Ed Tripp (
    • Galen Mulrooney (
    • Igor Sirkovich (
    • Jim McCain (
    • John S. Carter (
    • John Moehrke (
    • John Quinn, CTO (
    • Ken Rubin (
    • Lloyd McKenzie (
    • Lynn Laakso, HQ - scribe (
    • Modibo Samake' (
    • Nancy Orvis (
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Brief Recap of Group Purpose / Objectives: To advise and assist in the development of deliverables for the HL7 EA-IP Project (Phase 1)
  4. Standing Agenda Items
    • Comments re. previous meeting and notes
    • Update on recent Project Team activities
    • Action item review (if/when applicable)
  5. Current Discussion Topics
    • Review of HL7 EA-IP Alpha Project Considerations (DRAFT) Please review prior to call and recap of current Project team activities
    • General Phase 1 timeline and challenges
    • Decision framework
      • What are the decisions we expect to emerge from this process?
    • Communicaton Plan (Time permitting)
  6. Next steps

“Alpha Project” Engagement Approach:

The following engagement approach is the initially proposed baseline approach from the project phase initiation documents. It is subject to further dialog and included here for reference:

  1. Schedule fact gathering conference call (2 – 3 hours) to initiate dialog with candidate alpha projects
  2. Proposed agenda and call to action including:
    • Introduction & purpose of call (namely Information exchange and grounding) – 15 minutes
    • SAEAF Overview (ideally through an ArB member) – 30 minutes
    • Alpha Project Synopsis: Each project to give a 15 min. presentation outlining: who the sponsor agency is; the nature of the project; how they hope to leverage the SAEAF; and what their ultimate goals are in participating (e.g. balloting of a particular spec).
    • Next Steps – EA-IP Team to outline anticipated next steps re. Alpha project criteria development and to identify next contact point
  3. Subsequent to the call, Project Team and Advisory Group to determine criteria and terms of engagement in collaboration with the ArB.

Recommended Pre-Reading:

  • Updated 2009-03-02 SAEAF slide decks from GForge here
  • SAEAF Document and associated ArB materials (although detailed content knowledge is NOT a pre-requisite): These materials can be accessed at the following URL: [1]
  • DRAFT HL7 EA-IP Phase 1 Summary Deck