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Architecture Board

Minutes of the 20080618 June out-of-cycle Day 3


Charlie, Mead ArB Booz Allen
Curry, Jane ArB Health Information
Julian, Tony ArB Mayo
Koisch, John ArB
Mulrooney, Galen guest
Orvis, Nancy
Quinn, John ArBHealth Level Seven,
Rogers, Rich guest
Robertson, ScottguestKaiser
Shakir, Abdul-Malik ArB Shakir


  • refine scope statement - more concrete
    • focused mon Services approach for HL7
    • Relate to Dynamic Model
      • Dynamic Model is where HL7 is lacking
      • HSSP creates / if focused on SFM a functional requirements document which, currently, gets thrown over the fence to OMG; have to get to implementable spec


  • Discussion of topics for September. Needs to be aligned with the
    • Dynamic Framework
    • Service Taxonomy Ftramework
    • Service Description / Contract / Metadata
    • Service Roadmap
    • Service Specification Methodology (including artifacts)
    • Use of Static Semantics (IM, Vocab, DT's)
      • Take EHR FM as a starting point for semantics where appropriate
    • Implementation Guides
    • Communication Plan
    • Tooling Requirements
    • Examples
    • Next Steps
    • Governance
  • Current HSSP Practice
    • RLUS
    • EIS
    • Decision Support
    • Clinical Research Filter Query
    • But no progress on the OMG side, Only functional spec, still need the implementable spec
    • John Q's request wants to have implementable spec coming out of HL7, at least a Platform Independent Specification
  • Charlie: "Separate choreography from orchestration"
    • choreography = how things can interact
    • orchestration = proscriptive, must be done this way
    • BPL - orchestration tool, static structure for runtime, very defined, very specific
    • another analogy:
      • orchestration = a string of beads
      • choreography = the beads and rules on how they can be strung together
  • Prioritized List (and status, existing work threads)
    • Governance
      • tbBAM, including the role of ArB (which is not specified today)
      • Conformance Class Model
    • Dynamic Framework
      • Ongoing project with JK and GG
    • Service Specification Methodology (including artifacts)
      • Relevant work form Infoway, DoD, NCI
    • Examples
  • AMS: we should approach other SDO's to discuss service specification and the intersection of MDA and services Tony Julian