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This page contains information related to the tooling communication plan.

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Project Information

Project 802 objectives: Develop and execute a communications plan to highlight tooling available both within and outside HL7 community and to revise processes accordingly.

  • Project facilitator: Jane Curry

Meeting Information

  • Project meeting schedule as part of regular Tooling WG conference call

Standing Conference Calls

The Tooling WG will hold a Conference Call at 2 PM Eastern time, each Thursday except during scheduled face-to-face Working Group Meetings unless otherwise noted at Telecon_Agendas.

Conference Call: Uses HL7 Conference Call Service
Dial 770-657-9270 and enter pass code 586935#
GoToMeeting at 482-299-629


  • 20120621: Jane is working on an RFP for development of the Communication Plan
  • Objectives: Tooling WG will
  • review current communications (document existing communication channels)
    • Document existing tools and their support status
    • create a communication plan to ensure interested parties can be fully informed about the Tooling Work Group processes and tools
      • whether they are HL7 supported or available through other sources including Open Health Tools.

Issues/Hot Topics

Project Documents


  • Heather (snippet of an e-mail): may I also suggest that you consider that the overviews and informaiton provided be written for people who are not necessarilly closely involved - make sure that descriptions are clear and that they include some consideration of the motivators to read further. Think not from our perspective of telling people, but rather of encouraging people to read further
  • Per product: elevator pitch; max 2 sentences per item:
    1. What does it do? This sentence should be a "Twitter-friendly headline." You should be able to describe your product or service in 140 characters or fewer.
    2. What problem does it solve?
    3. How is the product or service different?
    4. Why should I care?

Communication Plan Ideas

  • Write article for upcoming HL7 Newsletter (published late this summer, just before the Plenary meeting) - August 2012
  • Announce at the general session of the Sept Plenary Working Group Meeting - 2012-09-11
  • Announce at the Monday evening Co-chairs dinner/meeting - 2012-09-10
  • Announcement/article via member/nonmember HL7 eNews - 2012-October
  • Follow up article in the post Baltimore WGM newsletter - 2012December
  • Host 2 Webinars explaining the Tooling suite and status and allowed those interested in responding to ask questions and receive answers from our Tooling representative - 2013 February, 2013 June