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Task list for FHIR DSTU2 Technical Correction 1

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  • [Task 8848] Search parameter examples incorrect
  • [Task 8850] Incorrect statement in StructureDefinition interpretation notes
  • [Task 8873] Wrong Bundle constraints
  • [Task 8874] Transaction bundle description refer to a non-existent 'transaction element'
  • [Task 8875] "it's identity" should be "its identity"
  • [Task 8877] parameter definition of "identifier" for $expand and $validate-code
  • [Task 8880] Typos in the REST specs page
  • [Task 8881] Is the request element required in transaction bundles?
  • [Task 8903] typo in Icd9Cm Diagnosis system uri
  • [Task 8889] Incorrect regular expression for dateTime validation
  • [Task 8920] Broken links in security label page
  • [Task 3532] Page loading will be significantly retarded due to Google being blocked in some countries/regions. (Lin Zhang)
  • [Task 5316] Jan 2015 Ballot Comment #196 (David Tao)
  • [Task 8703] SDC registry is missing conformance elements (Lloyd McKenzie)
  • [Task 8705] Various weird things with QI-Core AdverseEvent rendering (Lloyd McKenzie)
  • [Task 8728] StructureDefinition.differential for resource profiles missing type element for BackboneElements (Dunmail Hodkinson)
  • [Task 8736] Invariant rules in base profiles not populated in schematron files of derived profiles (Jason Mathews)
  • [Task 8737] Unapplied QA changes for ValueSet (Michelle Miller)
  • [Task 8741] typo in date based search documentation (Victor Chai)
  • [Task 8742] Slicing problem in US Lab profile (Lloyd McKenzie)
  • [Task 8743] update NPI system to align with spec (Eric Haas)
  • [Task 8750] Default extension cardinalities changed from May2015 ballot to Oct2015 ballot (Jason Mathews)
  • [Task 8753] Minor typo in Terminology Service page (Scott Deerwester)
  • [Task 8775] Error in Search Example in Specification (Jeffrey Ting)
  • [Task 8805] Broken Link "Tags" in usage column (None)
  • [Task 8808] Contract is missing from the list of Resources (None)
  • [Task 8810] Typo in subsrcription (wrong case in code) (Grahame Grieve)
  • [Task 8817] Profile isn't showing nested profiled complex type (Lloyd McKenzie)
  • [Task 8830] qicore-patient example is incorrect (Ewout Kramer)
  • [Task 8832] Error in criteria in example subscription reosurces (Grahame Grieve)
  • [Task 8839] sdf-9 is inconsistent with the interpretation table from ElementDefinition (Ewout Kramer)
  • [Task 8842] XML extension content rendering, does not close value element (Ewout Kramer)
  • [Task 8845] typo on (Lee Surprenant)
  • [Task 8852] Base for abstract type Resource is set to "" (Ewout Kramer)
  • [Task 6314] Bad link (Eric Haas) Persuasive
  • [Task 6849] 2015May sdc #66 - Add Search capabilities to FHIR DSTU and FHIR Continuous build sites. (Ioana Singureanu) Persuasive
  • [Task 7051] 2015May core #116 - broken links (Brett Marquard) Persuasive
  • [Task 7255] 2015May core #445 - The standard should be searchable. (The dev version seems to have this, but it needs to be expanded to ballot and published versions (Corey Spears) Persuasive
  • [Task 7712] 2015May core #1003 - Add Search capabilities to FHIR DSTU and FHIR Continuous build sites. (Ioana Singureanu) Persuasive
  • [Task 8151] 2015May daf #186 - Add Search capabilities to FHIR DSTU and FHIR Continuous build sites. (Ioana Singureanu) Persuasive
  • [Task 8574] Error in Claim.priority description (Guillaume Rossignol) Persuasive
  • [Task 8641] Spelling correction: "acceptible" -> "acceptable" (Josh Mandel) Persuasive
  • [Task 8770] invalid XPath constraint (David Hay) Persuasive
  • [Task 8807] StructureDefinition for Resource has an invalid base (Ewout Kramer) Persuasive
  • [Task 8812] Adjust JSON and XML levels to FMM 5 (Grahame Grieve) Persuasive
  • [Task 8828] Differential StructureDefinition for a Backbone element does not mention the type "BackboneElement" (Ewout Kramer) Persuasive
  • [Task 8829] Update Dutch translation of v2 tables (Alexander Henket) Persuasive
  • [Task 8831] Update FMM for Observation and DiagnosticReport (Hans Buitendijk) Persuasive
  • [Task 8837] Constraint sdf-1 seems to be a tautology (Ewout Kramer) Persuasive
  • [Task 8853] Update maturity level on Observation (Lorraine Constable) Persuasive
  • [Task 8854] Update maturity level on DiagnosticReport (Lorraine Constable) Persuasive
  • [Task 8639] Missing type on [field].value constrained paths of primitive type (Francis Avila) Persuasive with Mod
  • [Task 8695] Errors in Timing constraints (Josh Mandel) Persuasive with Mod
  • [Task 8729] Snapshot view in generated FHIR XML profiles has problems for nested extensions (Jason Mathews) Persuasive with Mod