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TSC Guidance on Ballot Levels

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The TSC has drafted guidance on ballot levels, presented at the Co-Chairs Meeting at the September 2011 Working Group Meeting. The document was introduced with a slide presentation. This wiki page is to collect feedback and recommendations on the guidance document. Feedback will be accepted until November 30, 2011 at which time the TSC will review comments, make changes to the guidance document, and roll out the guidance at the January 2012 WGM.

Ballot Guidance Feedback Gathering

Suggestions and feedback should be added to this wiki page


To add a comment for consideration by the TSC edit the WIKI directly yourself following the template provided or email your Steering Division or other elected TSC representative.

Requirement Template:
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  1. Need clarification on 'implementation guide' vs 'standard'. One could argue that "v3" is a constraint on the RIM-standards, and as such is an 'implementation guide for the RIM'. Apparantly there are standards that are based on/constraints on other standards, as well as implementation guides that express constraints on other standards. What are the criteria to decide whether something is an implementation guide or a standard? From a specification-users perspective there is hardly anything that distinguishes a specification that is nominally an 'implementation guide' from one that is nominally a 'standard'. Both are (or: can be) normative..
    • Source: Rene Spronk
    • Submitted on: Oct. 8
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