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SDWG Oct 2015 Atlanta Agenda

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  • Co-chair conflicts
    • Monday - Q3&Q4 Calvin, Austin, Brett
    • Tuesday - Q2&Q3(tentatively) Mark
    • Wednesday - Q1-Q4 Rick, Q2 Brett, Q4 Austin, Q3-Q4 Calvin, Q2-Q4 Mark
    • Thursday - Q1-Q2 Calvin, Q1-Q4 Mark, Austin Q2
    • Friday - Q1-Q2 Austin, Q1-Q4 Mark
  • Potential Topics
Day Date Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Sunday October 4 Q1 NO MEETING
Monday Chair Scribe Room
Monday October 5 Q1 NO MEETING
Q3 Business med.gif MEETING
  • SDWG WGM Agenda Review
  • Administrivia (abbreviated)
    • Upcoming ballots
    • Update on current ballot - number of comments and planned ballot reconciliation
  • EU-US CDA Project Update (MRoche)
  • Relevant and Pertinent Update (KBoone)
Rick/Gay/Mark Rick/Gay/Mark
Q4 Business med.gif MEETING (previously: HOST PHER)
  • Note: This will be a small room (seating max of 12)
  • Agenda
    • Ballot Reconciliation, time permitting (PHMR, HAI)
    • LNelson human readable vs. machine data alignment
    • POSTPONED: DSTU Extension policy discussion (Austin is working on new slot, we tentatively reserved time on Wednesday Q4)
Rick/Gay/Mark Rick/Gay/Mark
Tuesday Chair Scribe Room
Tuesday October 6 Q1 Business med.gif JOINT with CQI (CQI Hosting)
Q2 Technical med.gif JOINT with Vocab (Vocab HOSTING) NA NA
Q3 Technical med.gif HOST ITS/MnM/Publishing/Tooling ?
  • CDA R2.1
    • Project status update
    • Use of Pre tag.
  • Web based publishing (LNelson, SGaunt)
  • CDA IG Tooling (LNelson)
Austin Calvin
Q4 Technical med.gif HOST FHIR
  • CDA/C-CDA Project updates and planning
  • HSI visitors second half on possible joint projects
Austin Calvin
Q5 Technical med.gif CDA R2.1 Wiki Editing Session (45 minutes)
  • Presentation / Demo / QA session on using WIKI to edit CDA R2.1
    • Presentation 30 minutes
    • Demo using WIKI for CDA R2.1 editing 15 minutes
    • Open Q&A
CDA R2.1 Team
Wednesday Chair Scribe Room
Wednesday October 7 Q1 Technical med.gif JOINT with CQI (CQI Hosting) split JOINT with PHER (PHER Hosting) NA NA
Q2 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • C-CDA Product planning and release management strategy
  • CDA Product Family planning (AKreisler)
  • C-CDA R2.1 Update and IG's built on C-CDA
  • UDI Discussion
Austin Calvin
Q3 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • Send Representatives Pharmacy (Not a JOINT meeting)
  • Ballot Reconciliation (PHMR)
Brett/Gay/Austin Brett/Gay/Austin
Q4 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • Send representatives to Patient Care
  • TBD (extend conversation from Q3, potential for DSTU extension policy)
Brett/Gay Brett/Gay
Thursday Chair Scribe Room
Thursday October 8 Q1 Technical med.gif Host Imaging
  • TBD
  • Ballot Reconciliation, time permitting (PHMR, HAI)
Brett/Rick/Gay/Austin Brett/Rick/Gay/Austin
Q2 Technical med.gif JOINT w/PC, Templates (PC Hosting) (co-chairs may not be available)
  • TBD
Q3 Technical med.gif HOST FHIR
  • Request from Clinical Statement for Joint session
  • Agenda
    • Discussion on FHIR Profiling for different document types (CBeebe)
Rick/Brett/Calvin/Gay/Austin Rick/Brett/Calvin/Gay/Austin
Q4 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • Managing DSTU Comments for IG's
  • C-CDA Product planning and release management strategy
  • Canceled: Relevant and Pertinent presentation (15 mins) (KBoone unable to attend)
Brett/Rick/Gay/Calvin/Austin Brett/Rick/Gay/Calvin/Austin
Friday Chair Scribe Room
Friday October 9 Q1 Technical med.gif Joint w/Templates, PC (Templates hosting)
  • TBD
Q2 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • CDA R2.1
Calvin/Brett Calvin/Brett NA


  • Business med.gif Business meeting
  • Reconciliation med.gif Ballot Reconciliation meeting
  • Technical med.gif Technical discussion