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QRDA Category III R1.1

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  • Comments regarding the QRDA Category III R1.1 Update
  • Sarah Gaunt: Please check and fix all links in document - there are a lot of (more than 50) broken/missing links (tip: there is a link checker add-in for Word that you can use to find all these missing/broken links).
  • Sarah Gaunt: Suggest that the Schematron and associated support files are not included with the package but uploaded to GForge
  • Sarah Gaunt: STATIC binding on CONF:2226-17238 doesn't have a date (it has been removed since the previous version)
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg 13: "QRDA Category Release 1, DSTU Release 3 was published in June 2016." Should be 2015
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg 14: "Since the publication of QRDA Category I R1 DSTU in 2012, the standard had experience very rapid adoption." change to "has experienced"
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg 81: ". If versionNumber=”4.0.000” were sent in a QRDA Category III file, it will fail the CDA_SDTC.xsd schema validation. " Change to either "were sent... it would fail" or "is sent... it will fail"
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg 82: "Version specific identifier for an eMeasure can be used to uniquely identify an eMeasure and it is a required data element for QRDA III." change to "The version specific identifier..."
  • Sarah Gaunt: pg128: "/ClinicalDocument/documentationOf/serviceEvent/performer/assignedEntity /representedOrganization/id/@extension

WHERE /ClinicalDocument/documentationOf/serviceEvent/performer/assignedEntity/representedOrganization/id/@root="2.16.840.1.113883.4.2" " A better way to write this is simply: "/ClinicalDocument/documentationOf/serviceEvent/performer/assignedEntity /representedOrganization/id[@root="2.16.840.1.113883.4.2"]/@extension" - no need for the where

  • Sarah Gaunt: pg128: /ClinicalDocument/documentationOf/serviceEvent/performer/assignedEntity/id/@extension

WHERE /ClinicalDocument/documentationOf/serviceEvent/performer/assignedEntity/id/@root="2.16.840.1.113883.4.6" SEE ABOVE - no need for the where here either Look for all instances of WHERE and replace with above pattern. You can also replace the AND by listing the attributes and their values in brackets after the element, OR can be replaced by using the | to separate the clauses

  • Sarah Gaunt: p128: entry/act[code code="252116004" codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.6.96" displayName="Observation Parameters"]/effectiveTime

This is invalid XPath - add @ in front of attributes and each attribute needs to have [] around it and its value. Also this XPath will never find anything unless you are in exactly the correct place in the document - put "//" at the beginning.

  • Sarah Gaunt: pg128: /ClinicalDocument/participant="DEV"/associatedEntity="RGPR"/id/@extension - this is invalid XPath- need to specify that it is @typeCode="DEV" and also which attribute ="RGPR".

Suggest that all XPath be tested by copying and pasting into an XML tool to make sure they are valid and return the correct element/attribute