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Proposal: AdministrativeContactRoleType

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Recommendation for HL7 RIM Change and/or Vocabulary changes RECOMMENDATION ID:
Sponsored by: Patient Administration Approval date by sponsor: TBD
Revision (# and date): #1, July 23, 2009 Date submitted: July 23, 2009
Editor/Author: Wendy Huang / Lloyd McKenzie Sponsor Status: Pending
PROPOSAL NAME: AdministrativeContactRoleType changes  

Summary of Vocabulary changes

Create a concept domain called AdministrativeContactRoleType and add additional concepts to existing code system.

Position of Concerned Organizations

REQUIRED - This table should contain one row for each organization/WG affected by the recommendation.

Patient Administration Pending Service Delivery Location Detail:ContactParty.code


There’s a need to capture administrative contacts for service delivery locations and differentiate what type of contact they are.

Recommendation Details

RIM Recommendation(s)

Vocabulary Recommendation(s)

Create a concept domain called AdministrativeContactRoleType under RoleCode with the following definition:

Indicates the primary purpose or type of person intended to be reached using a set of contact information.


• Admitting

• Billing

• Test Results

Add the following new codes to the RoleCode code system under _AdministrativeContactRoleType:

Code Concept Description
ADMIT Admitting Contact for admissions or pre-admission department
FIN Finance Contact for financial administration department
PATREL Patient Relations Contact for Patient Relations and/or Referrals department
INFO Information Contact for general information inquiries
AFTHRS After Hours Contact for inquiries outside of regular business hours
RESULTS Test Results Contact for test results

Bind the AdministrativeContactRoleType value set to the new concept domain in the representative realm.


Any additional information needed to understand, evaluate or implement the recommendation, such as model fragments or other context that demonstrates use of the requested change. Include implications.

Recommended Action Items

  • MnM to implement the proposed solution