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Proposal: Add new Parameter to Provider Detail Query

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  • Committee: PAFM
  • Timing: WGM Vancouver, September 2008
  • Author: René Spronk, on behalf of NICTIZ, the Netherlands


The Provider Detail Query (PRPM_RM306000UV) allows one to query for matching providers.

In the Dutch national infrastructure the isn't a unique identifier of a healthcare provider, the tuple (, scoping does form a unique identifier.

I propose that a OrganizationId queryParameter be added to the Provider Detail Query (PRPM_RM306000UV) static model.


  • 20080817 Q4, WGM vancouver, agreed in PA (5-0-2)
  • 20080818 Given that PROV isn't an appropriate roleclass, the provider topic can't be used to cover this use-case. The Human Resources topic is more applicable. The motion of yesterday therefore is moot.