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Product Brief - HL7 V3 Immunization Topic

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Product Name

HL7 V3: Immunization, R1


  • Immunization Administration;
  • Appendix - International Specifications

Standard Category

  • Health Information Exchange Standards

Integration Paradigm

  • Messaging


DSTU ends Apr 2010


  • HL7 V3 IZ, R1: Draft Standard for Trial Use - April 2009;
  • HL7 V3 IZ, DSTU R2: DSTU Ballot 1 - September 2009


Includes messages for: recording immunization events, providing notification of an immunization event, revising previously recorded immunization events, providing notification about a revised immunization event, querying for a list of immunization events and querying for details about a single immunization event.


In this project, the Public Health and Emergency Response SIG will focus on development of messages for communicating messages related to the management and administration of immunizations. The scope of this project includes development of all the modeling artifacts necessary to support these messages. Also included in the scope of the project is the development of new CMETs, possibly local or global for use in the new message.

Business Case (Intended Use, Customers)

Providing mechanisms to record immunization events in a shared repository as well as providing mechanisms to query information about immunization events from a shared repository.


Provides a standardized mechanism for recording and querying information about immunization events.

Implementations/ Case Studies (Actual Users)

  • Realm-constrained version of this message set is being used by the pan-Canadian public health surveillance system (Panorama)


Work Groups


Certification Available
  • none


Relationship to/ Dependencies on, other standards

  • At this time there are no known dependencies between this project and other projects.

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