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Product Brief - HL7 V3: Common Message Element Types

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Product Name

HL7 V3: Common Message Element Types


Balloted CMETs:
AM – Administrative Management (Section)

  • Practice (Subsection)
    • PA: Patient Administration
    • PM: Personnel Management
    • SC: Scheduling
  • Financial (Subsection)
    • CR: Claims and Reimbursement
    • AB: Accounting and Billing
    • CO: Coverage

Health and Clinical Management (Section)

  • Operations (Subsection)
    • CG: Clinical Genomics
    • CP: Common Product Model
    • II: Imaging Integration
    • LB: Laboratory
    • ME: Medication
    • OB: Observations
    • PH: Public Health
    • RX: Pharmacy
    • RP: Regulated Products
    • RR: Regulated Reporting
    • SP: Specimen Handling
  • Reasoning (Subsection)
    • PC: Care Provision
  • Records (Subsection)
    • MR: Medical Records

Infrastructure Management (Section)

  • CMETs (Subsection)
    • CS: Clinical Statement
    • CT: Common Message Elements (no domain)
  • Message Control (Subsection)
    • AI: Message Control Act Infrastructure
  • Master File Management (Subsection)
    • MI: Master File Infrastructure

Standard Category

  • Health Information Exchange Standards

Integration Paradigm

  • Messaging


Normative, ANSI Standard


ANSI/HL7 V3 CMET, R1-2005, R2-2009


Common Message Element Types (CMETs) are standardized model fragments intended to be building blocks that individual content domains can "include" in their designs. These blocks reduce the effort to produce a domain-specific design and assure that similar content across multiple domains is consistently represented.


A CMET can be envisioned as a message type fragment that is reusable by other message types. Any message type can reference a CMET, including other CMETs. As an example, several committees may require the use of a common concept, that of a person in the role of a patient. A CMET can be defined to express this concept as a message type that clones a role played by a person, with all appropriate attributes. The CMET is then used to uniformly represent the concept for all interested committees.

Business Case (Intended Use, Customers)

CMETs (Common Message Element Types) are a work product produced by a particular committee for expressing a common, useful and reusable concept. They are generally "consumed", or used by both the producing committee and other committees.

CMETs are now (as of January 2010) balloted at the topic level by the individual working groups, who now provide direct stewardship over them. All CMETs that pass membership ballot during the Normative Edition year will become part of that normative edition, as an incremental update to the standard.



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Modeling and Methodology


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