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Product Brief - HL7 V3: Accounting & Billing

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Product Name

HL7 V3: Accounting & Billing


  • Patient Billing Account
  • Patient Billing Post

Standard Category

  • Health Information Exchange Standards

Integration Paradigm

  • Messaging


Normative, ANSI Standard


ANSI/HL7 V3 AB: R1-2005, R2-2008


The Accounting and Billing (AB) domain covers the creation and management of patient billing accounts, primarily for the purpose of collecting charges and credits (financial transactions) to support the submission of a claim or invoice for reimbursement. This document provides support for the creation and management of patient billing accounts and the posting of financial transactions against patient billing accounts for the purpose of aggregating financial transactions that will be submitted as claims or invoices for reimbursement.


This domain area addresses the posting of financial transactions against patient billing accounts. A Billing Account is an accumulator of financial and administrative information for the main purpose of supporting claims and reimbursement. Secondarily, the billing account may contribute significant information to cost accounting and financial decision support systems. A billing account is simply that entity that captures the elements reflecting the cost and price of services provided and supplies consumed for a healthcare activity. The focus for which an account accumulates information will vary. (For example: In a realm where billing is based on periodically collecting financial transactions for a patient, the accumulator might be the patient.) A billing account might also include links to insurance and benefit information, and relevant responsible parties.

Business Case (Intended Use, Customers)

  • Provider: Healthcare Institutions (hospitals, long term care, home care, mental health)
  • Vendor: Health Care IT
  • Payers
  • Local and State Departments of Health


Implementations/ Case Studies (Actual Users)


Work Groups


Certification Available
  • none


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