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Welcome to the HL7 Patient Care WG Wiki!

Welcome to the Patient Care Work Group Wiki Site.The Patient Care WG is chartered to define messages to support the needs for communicating information regarding the creation, management, execution and the quality of diagnostic and therapeutic care. This wiki page is for facilitation of ongoing discussions. Please see the hl7 website for more information about the patient care TC

NOTE: The Patient Care WG wiki is evolving and regularly being updated. If you find any links not working, please email one of the PCWG co-chairs with specific details. We will try our best to rectify the issues identified ASAP. Thanks for your patience and continuous support

HL7 Working Group Meetings: PCWG Documents (agenda and minutes)

Patient Care Workgroup Meeting: Draft Agenda and Minutes updates:

PCWG Conference Calls Details

PCWG hosts a number of project related conference calls.

Details of the calls (date, time, audio and web sharing information) are in the information below and also announced through PCWG listserv emails:

Conference call Audio for all PCWG calls:
Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 943377

  • PCWG co-chairs conference calls/meetings:
First monday of each month, 5:00pm US Eastern.
Web sharing details - to be announced via email notice to PCWG co-chairs

  • Allergy/Intolerance Project - Fortnightly, Wednesday 5:00pm US Eastern (alternate with Care Plan)
Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 943377
Webex details:
Please follow webex details given in HL7 conference call notice emails
No password required

  • Care Plan Project - Fortnightly, Wednesday 5:00pm US Eastern
Webex details:
Please follow webex details given in HL7 conference call notice emails
No password required

  • Care Coordination Services project conference calls are scheduled weekly on Tuesday afternoon (5:00pm US Eastern)

  • Health Concern Project - weekly, Thursday 4:00pm US Eastern
Webex details:
Meeting number: 239 836 807
No password is required

PCWG Active Ongoing Projects and Activity Meeting Minutes

  • Co-chairs meeting documents:
PCWG co-chairs conference calls/meetings agenda and minutes

  • Allergy/Intolerance Meeting Documents:
Allergy/Intolerance Project Conference Calls and Meeting Minutes

  • Care Plan Project Meeting Documents:
Care Plan Meeting Documents Agendas and Minutes

  • Health Concern Project Meeting Documents:
Health Concern Meetings/Conference Calls Agenda and Minutes
Health Concern Meetings/Conference Ballot material
Health Concern wiki page:

Meeting information on HL7 Website

Draft agenda for next WGM

minutes from the HL7 website

Current Ballots: We Need Your Input and Help!

  • Ballot Announcements
Project/Topic Ballot Cycle Status
Allergy and Intolerance Substances Value Sets First Informative Ballot September 2017
Health Concern DAM 3d Informative Ballot planned for October 2015
Referral FHIR Resources DSTU DSTU2 Ballot TBA
Care Plan DAM Informative Ballot 2 May 2014 Completed; publication - in progress
Care Coordination Services FM DSTU (joint with SOA) May 2014 Completed; publication - in progress
Allergy & Intolerance DAM Informative Ballot 2 Out-of-cycle ballot: September 2013 Closed; published
Allergy/Intolerance and Adverse Reaction Clinical Model DSTU September 2013 Closed; in publication

Archived Ballot Announcement and Information

PCWG Leadership


Co-Chairs Co-Chairs Co-Chairs
Stephen Chu MD, PhD Russ Leftwich, MD Elaine Ayres .
Laura Heermann Landgord RN, PhD Michael Tan . Jean Duteau .
Jay Lyle Michael Padula, MD, MBI . ... .

PCWG co-chairs affiliation and contact details:

Model Facilitator Publishing Facilitator Vocabulary Facilitator
Jean Duteau Michael Tan Susan Matney .


This section contains the management issues for the PC committee. This is for work group health, to track and trace our work and to stay current.

  • Project Status: *Projects This shows the subset of projects PC is actively working on, and if we are meeting our deadlines for each.
  • Leadership (as formal in HL7 administration available):
  • Leadership

Project Information

PCWG reviews feedback on C-CDA r2.1 as at July 2015:
Structured Document WG developed a C-CDA r2.1 DSTU to address C-CDA r1.1 and r2.0 backward compatibility issues.
PCWG provided review comments captured in this document:

* PCWG comments on C-CDA r2.1 DSTU draft: 2015-07-12

Full details of all C-CDA r2.1 comment submissions are available through the link below:


PCWG Actiue Projects: Status as in 2015

The following is a list of PCWG projects that are currently active and ongoing. Each project are assigned two project co-leads and are currently working to develop domain analysis models (DAM) or HL7 v3 clinical models, and potentially a set of v3 templates for use in C-CDA or other v3 messaging infrastructures.

Project Status
Allergy & Intolerance

This topic covers all interactions related to clinically recorded adverse reactions
Project ID: 881.
Project contact: Stephen Chu;; Elaine Ayres;
Allergy/Intolerance topics: clinical models (HL7 v3 R-MIMs) - published as DSTU.

Harmonization activities with C-CDA R2.x and FHIR - ongoing
Care Plan Project - PCWG

Contacts: Stephen Chu; Laura Heermann-Langford, Russ Leftwich
Care Plan was balloted in 2007 as DSTU. However, a few negative comments had not been resolved and the balloted contents did not achieve DSTU status.
A new project was initiated in 2011. This project resulted in the development of a Care Plan Domain Analysis Model (DAM) . The HDF 1.5 (HL7 development framework) approach will be followed.
HL7 PC will build on the material and knowledge of various groups to develop the DAM.
Project progress:
* The Care Plan DAM was submitted for 2 rounds of informative ballots. All ballot comments were successfully resolved after the September 2014 WGM.
* Changes to the DAM contents are being made in preparation for its publication before the January 2015 WGM
Care Coordination Service (CCS) Model project:
* The PCWG Care Plan team worked in collaboration with the SOA WG on a Care Coordination Services Model project team to define a set of Care Collaboration Services for care plan development and implementation including care activities scheduling and orchestration.
* The CCS specification was also subjected to 2 cycles of ballot. All ballot comments were reconciled successfully
* The CCS specification is being prepared for publication (schedule: January 2015)
Care Plan Clinical Model (R-MIM) and Harmonization project:
* To commence in 2015
Project contact: Laura Heermann Langford,; or Stephen Chu, MD,

There are considerable debates over the concepts of Care Plan, Plan of Care, and Treatment Plan.
A dedicated stream of work has been initiated to address questions and concerns of different stakeholders.
More information on this stream of work can be located by following this link (Type of Plans Differentiation and Definition):

A Coordinated Care Services Functional Model project has been initiated with co-sponsorship of PCWG and HL7 SOA groups:

Health Concern

Concern Tracking and Care statements provide a framework for tracking and managing health concerns.
Project contact: Michael Tan, NICTIS; Stephen Chu; Kevin Coonan, USA
Item itself will be withdrawn. PC will harmonize this with concern tracker and other R-MIMs with Concern.
Project ID: Needs new PSS once preparation work is done

Draft PSS approved by PCWG.
FHIR Clinical Resources - PCWG

This topic covers a number of clinical resources under the stewardship of PCWG.
Contacts: PCWG co-chairs
(NOTE - The medication resources are under the stewardship of HL7 Pharmacy WG)

PCWG will continue to provide review and feedbacks on the published FHIR DSTU Resources for which it has stewardship.
PCWG will also work with FHIR team to develop new clinical resources
These will be ongoing activities

There are three active FHIR related activities of which PCWG is the responsible committee/WG:
* Referral and Transition/Transfer of Care
* Clinical Assessment
* Clinicians on FHIR (renamed from Clinician Connectathon as of May 2015 Paris WGM)

Topics and Discussions of Interest:
* Representing Negation
* Observation vs Condition
* Observation, Clinical Assessment and Clinical Annotation


Projects: Past

Past Projects - with Active and Inactive/Cancelled Status

Other topics the Patient Care TC has defined:

These have their own project numbers, or project scope statements need to be developed and balloted.

This topic is completed and published in the normative edition since 2013.
This topic is completed and published in the normative edition since 2013.
This topic is completed and published in the normative edition since 2013.
  • Care Statement -- the clinical statement version in the D-MIM for patient Care, currently DSTU.
Will in future versions of Care Provision be replaced by the Clinical Statement CMET A_SupportingClinicalStatement universal (COCT_RM530000UV)
Needs to be split up in a whole set of different topics to allow finding these in the ballot. Current clustering renders it not findable.
  • Concern Tracking -- currently DSTU as part of care structures, to be moved to separate topic level
Needs new PSS and ID by January 2012 to move to normative

  • NOTE:
Each separate Topic needs a new PSS and separate ID around January 2012 once the D-MIM and first Topics Care Record, Query, Transfer have been brought to ballot.

Change Requests

Patient Care has now a formal request for change (RFC) page which can be used to request changes in the ballot materials.

Patient Care Change Requests

Please use this for RFC you have pertaining to Topics, D-MIM, R-MIM, use cases, interactions, walkthrough etc. Those that have been handled by either a motion accepted, and /or models or descriptions being changed are listed under Dispositioned Requests.


External links

Standard Implementation & Test Environment resources

Useful resources including C-CDA knowledgebase.