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Oncology EHR Functional Profile

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Ambulatory Oncology EHR Functional Profile

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Project Overview

Welcome to HL7's Ambulatory Oncology EHR Functional Profile wiki page.

The objective of this project is to develop an HL7 EHR Functional Profile for the ambulatory oncology setting based on, and conformant to, the ANSI approved June 2009 EHR-S Functional Model release 1.1.

A draft functional profile has been developed by the NCI and contributed as a starting point to the HL7 standards development process. This profile leverages requirements work previously undertaken by the NCI in collaboration with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and various stakeholders from the NCI Community Cancer Care Program (NCCCP). This draft profile is based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-approved HL7 EHR-S Functional Model Release 1.1. It is hoped that the work going forward will not only progress the profile but maintain bi-directional alignment, as much as possible, with the emerging EHR-S FM Release 2.0 (R2) as it is presently being devised by the EHR Working Group (EHR WG).

We invite participants with knowledge and interest in Oncology health care and research to join in the dialog and to support the refinement and eventual balloting of the profile.

The project goal is to progress the Ambulatory Oncology FP through the HL7 balloting to achieve DSTU approval with a view towards establishing a profile that meets the needs of the Oncology health care and research sector(s).

The EHR-S Oncology FP Task Group volunteers will review the profile and related documents from various oncology perspectives, document their recommendations, and present these recommendations to the HL7 EHR Working Group. Volunteers are invited to participate in conference calls during the Task Group timeframe.

Status Update

February 24, 2011: The HL7 EHR-FM Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile (AO-FP) project is temporarily inactive at the recommendation of its key sponsor, the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The NCI continues to support the importance of developing an AO-FP. In particular, however, the NCI wants to make sure that the AO-FP takes into account several inputs into what the NCI considers to be a multi-dimensional problem. Specifically, the NCI feels the AO-FP should be based on the EHR-FM R2, including the harmonization of new life cycle management specifications with the functional requirements expressed in EHR-FM R2. It is the NCI’s understanding that both of these efforts will reach substantive maturity by the May (2011) WG meeting. In addition, the NCI feels that the AO-FP should have specific RIM-based information bindings associated with the functional requirements.

As the NCI's Cancer Clinical Information Suite (caCIS, formerly caEHR) continues to progress, the NCI feels confident that it can substantively contribute to the overall content of an AO-FP and expects that the caCIS experience and content will be of sufficient maturity to bring to the table in the context of a reactivated AO-FP project coincident with the May (2011) WG meeting. As such, the current inactivity on the AO-FP team should be viewed as a short, temporary delay in the name of allowing time for both the content of the caCIS project as well as the harmonization/integration issues mentioned above to progress to the point to allow the production of a robust, relevant, and deployable AO-FP which all stakeholders in the effort – including, but certainly not limited to – the NCI, can participate and ultimately endorse.

(Status Report Document)

Task Group Leaders

Salimah Shakir
skype: optimysticsalimah
David Bass
Phone: 530.701.0059
skype: david.bassjr88

Meeting Information

Project Documents

Media:Ambulatory Oncology EHR Functional Profile HL7 Project Scope Statement.doc

  • The project scope statement was approved by the Techncial Steering Committee on January 4th, 2010.

Working Documents


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