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Negation Requirements Project Minutes 24 August 2016

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Meeting Information

HL7 PC-CIMI-POC Meeting Minutes

Location: PC call line

Date: 2016-08-24
Time: 11:00-12:00 ET
Facilitator Jay Lyle Note taker(s) Jay Lyle
Attendee Name Affiliation

y Jay Lyle JP Systems
y Richard Esmond PenRad
Gerard Freriks
y Rob Hausam
y Serafina Versaggi
y Tony Little NLM
y Rob McClure
Floyd Eisenberg
Susan Barber
Larry McKnight
Galen Mulrooney
y Kurt Allen
y Jim Case
y Juliet Rubini
Hank Mayers


Agenda Topics

  1. Update on inputs from workgroups.
  2. Proposed publication format, viz.,
    1. background, objectives, scope
    2. principles, w/rationale
    3. requirements: list of semantic patterns
    4. template for design teams to stipulate preferred or prohibited patterns


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Publication help
    1. existing orientation sent to Kurt; Jay will support as needed
  2. Outreach
    1. Financial suggests reaching out to Attachements
    2. Security feedback merits further investigation
    3. Imaging: Richard to include Rob Horn
  3. Pattern
    1. Should we align explicitly with SNOMED CT Situation with Explicit Context model?
    2. Pattern seems to have emerged from existing use cases
    3. No reason identified not to do so
    4. Other attributes may be necessary
    5. We do not proposed to do the mapping or create expressions; only to establish the pattern
    6. Investigation may shed light on ancillary topics, e.g., nulls, confidence
  4. Goals for WGM
    1. Produce a draft deliverable
    2. Circulate in advance
    3. Get people to look at it
      1. focus on current work: RCRIM adverse events; FHIR allergy, condition, observation; CQI; CIMI wound model

Meeting Outcomes

  • review Use Cases for completeness, classification for accuracy (all)

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Continue review of requirements

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