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Negation Requirements Project Minutes 13 June 2018

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Meeting Information

HL7 PC-CIMI-POC Meeting Minutes

Location: PC call line

Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 4:00-5:00 PM ET
Facilitator Jay Lyle Note taker(s) Jay Lyle
Attendee Name Affiliation

x Jay Lyle JP Systems
x Yanyan Hu Joint Commission
Allison Lloyd Premiere
x Ken Lord
x Gay Dolin IMO
x Rob Hausam Optum
x George Dixon
x Lisa Nelson
x Emma Jones Allscripts


Agenda Topics

  1. Review SD list of transform sources
  2. Review comments on section 1
  3. Review smoking status draft


  1. Review SD list of transform sources
    1. CCDA & QRDA
      1. CCDA 2.1 vol 1: 3.6
        1. figure 11. no known meds: neg ind = true
      2. QRDA I vol 1: 3.3., 3.4
        1. figure 12
        2. fig 13 - negation of value set. Question: would this ever need translation to FHIR? CQI question.
          1. describe wrapper rationale.
    2. RIM. inert properties. inert? isDocumentCharacteristic?
      1. see rim on what's in scope of negation
    3. CDA Examples
      1. no known allergies.
      2. no allergy to peanuts
      3. family history generic, including no history of x
      4. no functional impairment
      5. no section information?
      6. no known health concerns
      7. immunization not given
      8. no implanted devices
      9. no medications
      10. no cognitive impairment
      11. no planned tests
      12. no known problems
      13. no diabetes
      14. never smoking
      15. not pregnant

act wrapper. annotation on use of negationind for observation.value, not the act.

Meeting Outcomes


Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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