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Negation Meeting Atlanta October 2015

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Altanta WGM October 2014

  • Discussions on "negation" representation (Note - "negation" will be changed to some term more appropriate to avoid confusion with HL7 v3 implementation of negation)
- vigorous discussions on how negation should be represented in FHIR clinical resources including condition, procedure,, observation, medication, allergy/intolerance
- general agreement was reached to represent negation by a flag with a set of values:
~ yes
~ no
~ unknown
Example: representing patient did not have concussion
~ Condition = concussion
~ "flag" = no
- also agreement on restricting double negatives causing confusion
~ Condition = no concussion
~ "flag" = yes ("no" value should not be used)
- In case of precoordinated values, they should be represented as two clinical statements
Example: concussion with no loss of consciousness
~ this should be two clinical statements
- Note:
~ There is still a need to identify a set of standard terminology-based value to support negation
~ Examples:
- No known allergy
- No known medication
- No known procedure