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Mobile Health

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Welcome to mHealth WG

Welcome to the Mobile Health Work Group Wiki site. On these pages we will manage notes and discussions in progress to support the development of the materials by the Mobile Health Work Group.

Contact Information

  • Co-chairs:
    • Nathan BOTTS; nathanbotts<at>
    • Gora DATTA; gora<at>
    • Matthew GRAHAM; graham.matthew<at>
  • Listserv email: mobilehealth<at>

Sub Groups

HL7 is a volunteer driven organization and active participation is greatly appreciated, if you would like to participate in our sub group discussion please check the Mobile Health Work Group page for Upcoming Calls. Mobile Health Work Group

WGM Agenda


News, Papers & Media

Categories & Scenarios

Informal descriptive scenarios are being developed in our tutorial material. These communicate concisely and vividly (to HL7 members and others with some health informatics background) using simplified accounts of real-life situations, how various aspects of mHealth are already delivering benefits in various healthcare situations across the world.

In future we expect to work with other WGs on scenarios and use cases in a more formal, analytic sense. For example, mHealth members may contribute to the development of a DAM, or provide ballot comments, from the point of view of mHealth concerns and opportunities.

The mHealth WG may develop its own DAMs, but only where the material would not have a natural home in a more subject-matter oriented WG.

Conference Calls

  • Dates: Every Friday
  • Time: 11:00 AM Eastern U.S.
  • Phone Number: +1 (770) 657 9270
  • Participant Passcode: 465623#
  • Web Coordinates:

See the conference call details as listed on the HL7 Calendar:

Quorum Requirements
a) A quorum for committee meetings require that a co-chair and at least two other HL7 Work Group members be present, where no single organization or party represents more than a simple majority of the voting Work Group membership for that meeting.
[NOTE: The minimum number of attendees required for a quorum varies based on Work Group size, but is SHALL be no less than two in addition to the co-chair.
b) A motion may be made, by any member, to defer major decisions even if quorum is met, particularly if key stakeholders are not present.

Lists and Links

Minutes and Agendas Documents, Action Items, Etc. See also

Mission & Charter


The HL7 Mobile Health Work Group creates and promotes health information technology standards and frameworks for mobile health. Draft work documented and stored via Documents and Presentations


  • Identify data standards and functional requirements that are specific to the mobile health environment
  • Identify and promote mobile health concepts for interoperability as adopted and adapted for use in the mobile environment
  • Coordinate and cooperate with other groups interested in using mobile health to promote health, wellness, public health, clinical, social media, and other settings.
  • Provide a forum where HL7 members and stakeholders collaborate in standardizing to enable the secure exchange, storage, analysis, and transmission of data and information for mobile applications and/or mobile devices.

Work Products

Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes

  • International data standards (requirements, information models, terminology)
  • Forum for discussion about standards and definitions to define mobile health interoperability functional model and profile(s).
  • Documentation-Knowledge Base (maintain, update, disseminate)
  • Presentations, Communication (wiki, social media, conferences)

Formal Relationships with Other HL7 Workgroups

  • Health Care Devices
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Clinical Interoperability Council
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Health and Emergency Response
  • Security

SWOT Analysis