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Marital Status Code Definitions

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  • Married
    • The union of two people by a jurisdictionally valid entity, recognized by the existence of a current valid marriage contract. The jurisdiction is typically a governmental, social, or religious entity.
  • Married Living Together
    • A current marriage contract is active and couple currently have the same residence.
  • Single
    • A current marriage contract is not active
  • Separated
    • A married couple is voluntarily living apart in anticipation of becoming legally separated or divorced
  • Never Married
    • No marriage contract, valid or invalid, has ever been entered.
  • Divorced
    • A person whose marriage has been legally dissolved and who has not remarried.
  • Widowed
    • A person who has had a valid marriage contract terminated by the death of his/her spouse and has not re-entered a valid marriage contract.
  • Annulled
    • A legal status occurring when a voidable marriage is declared null and void, as though it never existed, by a controlling authority. Grounds for annulment vary between jurisdictions. Annulment can occur in the context of civil law or within a religious domain.