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FHIRframe: Mobile Health Application Development Framework

Project Lead:

Christopher Doss


  • Paul Petronelli
  • Gora Datta
  • Matthew Graham



FHIRFrame is an application framework for implementing secure, compliant mobile medical healthcare applications. As an application framework it provides a suite of Application Program Interfaces or APIs that are callable by an application. The calls result in a series of transactions that use a message format and workflow sequence that will accommodate the exchange of medical or PHI (Personal Health Information) between the mobile device and a remote system. The initial message format and procedures are based on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

Intended Use

This framework is intended for use by embedded applications running within a mobile device in an ambulatory care setting. It is neither a web services specification nor RESTful interface. Application calls may result in web based expressions but these interactions are hidden from the application. Candidate platforms are Smartphones, mobile medical devices and wearable equipment.


The architecture for the FHIRframe concept is illustrated in the below. Note that FHIRframe has both a device facing set of functionality and server facing functionality. Layers may also have sublayers of more limited functionality. Furthermore, the server facing message transfer from the embedded application to the destination EMR may utilize FHIR interfaces in multiple contexts. In addition, for the device facing context, FHIRframe may support native interfaces to tethered devices as well as messages consisting of subsets of HL7 v2/v3 messages. Sub-setted messages may be passed without interpretation to a remote EMR host.

Key Elements

  • Reference Architecture for Mobile Health Interoperability
  • Implementation of MH FHIR Project Scope Statement
  • Develop a set of APIs and SDK add-ons
  • Goal is to facilitate implementation of medical applications according to international standards
  • Follow approach utilized by OpenGL
  • Support app development on various platforms (iOS, Android, .NET, Arduino)
  • Ease incorporation of FHIR
  • Facilitate interaction with EHR/PHR
  • Enforce IHE workflows

Survey Template

Survey Template V1.0 (Latest)

Survey Template V1

Project Scope Statement

Mobile Health Application Interoperability Review

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 9-25-15

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 8-25-15

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 8-21-15

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 8-18-15

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 8-4-15

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 6-26-15

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 6-12-15

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 5-26-2015

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 5-19-2015

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 5-01-2015

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 4-28-2015

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 4-14-2015

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 3-16-2015

FHIRframe Project Scope Statement 2-24-2015


Standing meetings are every Tuesday at 4:30 PM Eastern (1:30 Pacific)


Phone: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 465623

Minutes from Previous Meetings

April 26, 2016 - Minutes:

Current version of Whitepaper:

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