LHS Sep 2017 San Diego Agenda

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  • Co-chairs
    • Russ Leftwich, MD (attending)
    • John Roberts (attending)
  • Agenda
    • Wednesday Q3 - Business meeting: Mission & Charter Business med.gif
    • Thursday Q1 - meeting jointly with Patient Care WG - Care Plan topic.
    • Thursday Q4 - Care Team Domain Analysis Model review and storyboards.


  • Business med.gif Business meeting
  • Reconciliation med.gif Ballot Reconciliation meeting
  • Technical med.gif Technical discussion

Agenda Overview

Learning Health System Thursday Q4


  1. Introductions
  2. Approach to the Care Team DAM
  3. Call times

Overview of work to date

  • Suppose we reverse engineed a virtual care team
  • Whole Patient care team made up of multiple components or sub components
  • mode of contact
  • Mode of becoming a care team member
  • Remote Care Team Members
  • temporal relationships
  • Clinical research care teams
  • Public Health Care teams
    • Suggestion to add epidimiologist, PH investigator to the slide
  • Group fulfilling care team role
  • Individuals on care teams usually have back-up
  • Care team governance
  • Consent management
    • CBCC presentation - slides on the wiki
  • Use case/storyboard development started - see here for storyboard
    • suggest behavioral health related care team as a starter set
    • Suggest Acute inpatient, Acute community based (EMS) - goal i sto represent transitions of care, hand-off
    • What are the minimal requirements for the storyBoard - what is in or out of scope?
  • Need to define the attributes the care team
    • Need to have a role/function as it relates to the care team
      • specialty
      • relationships
      • function
      • role comes from NUCC
    • Suggest start a glossary of what these terms are
    • Michele will compile the FHIR attributes and things that have been discussed as it relates to FHIR attributes and get it to Stephen
    • Concept of RACI was used to come up with the responsibility attributes
    • Reviewed analysis that was done.

Call Times

  • Will keep it Friday 4pm EST for now. Will re-visit time when day-light savings occur