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LHS Jan 2018 New Orleans Agenda

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  • Co-chairs
    • Russ Leftwich, MD (attending)
    • John Roberts (attending)
  • Agenda
    • Wednesday Q3 - Business meetingBusiness med.gif
    • Thursday Q1 - meeting jointly with Patient Care WG - Care Plan/Care Team topic.
    • Thursday Q4 -
      • Care Team Domain Analysis Model discussion
      • eLTSS Presentation
      • PractionerRole use in Care Team - Discussion with Patient Admin


  • Business med.gif Business meeting
  • Reconciliation med.gif Ballot Reconciliation meeting
  • Technical med.gif Technical discussion

Agenda Overview

Learning Health System Thursday Q4


  • Russ Leftwich (Chair)
  • Emma Jones (Scribe)
  • Michelle Miller
  • Mike Padula
  • Evelyn Gallego
  • Dave Carlson
  • Lindsey Hoggle
  • George Dixon
  • Cooper Thompson
  • Irma Jongeneel
  • Irma Connelly
  • Greg Linden
  • Mark Meadows
  • John Roberts
  • Jack Wallace
  • Casey Thompson
  • Victor Vaysman
  • Mark Shaforman

eLTSS - Evelyn Gallego

    • Joint project - ONC and CMS
    • Have identified a data set and have mapped to FHIR and C-CDA and have questions
    • would like to validate and test the dataset - want to identify organizations
    • Have spoken to many WG this week
    • See eLTSS Slides for Discussion
    • Data is available on the confluence with the applicable definitions
    • Some data elments are not but others are.
    • Plan on Sept informative ballot
    • Not looking at including this in certification program
  • Reference Model Overview
    • Use of procedure resource for things like 'walking the dog' - would need to include things done 'for' the patient as part of the procedure resource definition [tracker started]
    • Will add tracker items to drive follow-up discussions

Approcah to CT DAM

  • Please see LHS Slides for discussion
  • Claude has considered using CIMI for the modeling
    • CIMI need to understand the general requirements and use cases. Then review the model against the requirements. Need to review and prioritize the use cases. Need to capture things like the members of the care team and how long they've been on the team.

Once the logical model is defined then will go to FHIR. WIll be a CIMI/PC/LHS joint effort. Need to confirm that the FHIR resource represents the model.

    • Next steps is to flush out the requirements - will work with CIMI to define the requirement and the level of detail of what they need from Patient Care.

practitionerRole discussion with PA

  • Should Care Team be different than the workflow pattern and keep the 2 elements
  • GF#14334 allow careteam.participant,member to reference a Practitioner role
  • GF#12509 CareTeam participant
  • request to keep onBehalfOf - family member is one of careteam.member so need the onBehalfOf - pastor on behalf the church. organization on behalf of another organization (on-call situation). Michelle will log the tracker

Call time changed to Wednesday 4pm EST