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June 24, 2014 Security WG Conference Call

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Meeting Information

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x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Mike DavisSecurity Co-chair . John MoehrkeSecurity Co-chair . Trish WilliamsSecurity Co-chair . Bernd BlobelSecurity Co-chair
. Chris Clark . Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair x Kathleen Connor o Duane DeCouteau
. Reed Gelzer x Suzanne Gonzales-WebbCBCC Co-chair . Rick Grow . David Henkel
. Mohammed Jafari . Don Jorgenson . Alexander Mense . Amanda Nash
. Paul PetronelliMobile Health Security Co-chair x Diana Proud-Madruga . Harry Rhodes , Aaron Seib
. Ioana Singureanu . Walter Suarez x Tony Weida . Paul PetronellimHealth Co-chair
. . . . . . . .

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approval of Meeting Minutes
  2. (05 min) PSS Patient Friendly Security and Privacy
  3. (10 min) Update: Way with Verbs - Tony
  4. (10 min FHIR - Security Labeling Discussions issues
  5. (05 min) Other business, action items, and adjournment

Minutes Summary

  • Meeting Minutes from 6/17 meeting were unanimously approved by attendees. (0-0-5)

FHIR - Security Labeling Discussions issues How does Security WG weigh in on the conversation

  • make sure that John brings the conversation from FHIR into the Security WG
  • from there the Security WG can produce, define a some guidelines with respect to FHIR to preclude some of the issues (such as the http headers and that type of item)
  • consider the risk with some alternatives
  • looking at persistence, changing labels that have been signed before--new capabilities
  • need to produce an ongoing catalog of these issues and discussion, guidance
  • Security-FHIR page to document these items
    • our position is to no use the http headers because of the white noise in the headers
    • if you only have a single resource and don't have an ?atom feed, then you cant...(16:00)

Update: Way with Verbs No feedback received

  • during the last EHR Interoperability calls, discussion on state diagrams showing how EHR life-cycle events relate to each other
  • Steve H has a notion of how to organize the hierarchy with CRUDEA at the top level. Second level: Third level will include EHR verbs and ... verbs.

Harmonization meeting

  • in order to make the July 6 submission we need to approve today or by next Tuesday July 1
  • Trust Policy
  • No patient Refrain Policy

Motion to approve for final submission (Kathleen/Diana) Objections to unanimous approval for these Harmonization proposals (final) be approved No objections received, motion passes 0-0-4

ISO is standing up a new TC that will go into effect on Jan 1, 2015 which will roll the societal security for counter measure control and ....(32:00) into one.

  • also in the TC215 WG1 there may be some overlap with the HCS and SLS, a new work proposals for standard classification.
  • unsure if this is a true conflict.
  • we normally work with WG4 (and not WG1);
    • WG1 is primarily involved with cards ID cards
    • it may be that we have an overlapping conflict in security
    • we should monitor--there may be something we might want to use


Meeting adjourned at --Suzannegw (talk) 21:40, 24 June 2014 (UTC)