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June 09, 2015 Security WG Conference Call

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x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Mike DavisSecurity Co-chair . Duane DeCouteau . Chris Clark
x John MoehrkeSecurity Co-chair . Johnathan Coleman . Aaron Seib
? Alexander Mense Security Co-chair Ken Salyards x Christopher Brown TX
. Trish WilliamsSecurity Co-chair . Gary Dickinson . Tim McKay
x Kathleen Connor . Ioana Singureanu . Mohammed Jafari
x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb Darrell Woelk . Galen Mulrooney
x Diana Proud-Madruga . Reed Gelzer x William Kinsley
x Rick Grow [mailto: ] . Paul Knapp

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Agenda DRAFT

  1. (05 min) Roll Call, June 02, Meeting Minutes
  2. (10 min) PASS Access Control Conceptual Model (SOA) - Diana, Don Jorgenson
  3. (10 min) Vocabulary Alignment Project - Diana/Reed
  4. (10 min) FHIR Contract, Consent Directive Discussion (tentative)
  5. (05 min) October 2015 HL7 WGM - Atlanta, Georgia USA - agenda items
  6. (as time allows) FHIR disposition - review/discussion, ongoing agenda item
  7. (as time allows) Other business, action items, and adjournment

Meeting Minutes

Approval of June 2, 2015 Meeting Minutes

  • The minutes for the June 2 meeting were approved with seven (7) affirmatives and one (1) abstention (John M).

PASS Access Control Conceptual Model (SOA) - Diana

  • Diana met with Ken Rubin and explored the SOA Wiki so that Diana could figure out where things are.
    • SOA is using a Wiki on Wikispaces that Ken has been paying for out of pocket.
    • Unfortunately, all of the Wikis that relate to PASS have expired.
    • All of the legacy information that was contained in the sub-Wikis still exist, but we can’t get to it without paying to resurrect the sub-Wikis.
  • The underlying model should align with PMAC. Kathleen would like to speak with EHR/Pat to make sure this is being done.

Vocabulary Alignment - Diana

  • No update as there was no meeting held on the project this week.

Discussion on FHIR Consent Directive, Contract

  • Kathleen, John M, and Diana will work up a project plan to move forward for a FHIR plan.
  • John M has volunteers to create the FHIR workup and do the FHIR edits for the CBCC/Security groups.
  • Do we want to re-start the FHIR Consent meetings? Yes, we will re-start these meetings in two weeks.

2015 HL7 October Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia

Agenda items to be added:

  • Security Architecture Framework (project status)
  • Demonstrations for implementations of Privacy on FHIR work - applications of HCS to a healthcare environment
  • New HIMSS self-run demo

Meeting adjourned at 1255 PDT