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ITS RDF Concall Minutes 20181030

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ITS RDF Teleconference 30-Oct-2018

Present: EricP, David_Booth, Harold Solbrig

Quorum met: No (No ITS chair)

Chair: David Booth

Scribe: David Booth

Meeting log:

<dbooth> Meeting: FHIR/RDF
 Chair: David Booth
--> hsolbrig (~hsolbrig@public.cloak) has joined #hcls
<dbooth> Topic: FHIR/RDF
 harold: Big thing right now is graph DBs and knowledge graphs.  Conjecture: RDF could be viewed as the bridge between FHIR and these knowledge graphs.
 david: FHIR/RDF is top hit when searching google for fhir knowledge graph:
<dbooth> harold: We need to become more knowledgeable about [other] graph DBs.
 eric: What do people want to do with these knowledge graphs?
 ... They strip down the data to the bits they care about.  E.g., clinical encounters at the same facility, therefore MRSA probably followed this vector.  Not a wholesale import to KB.
 harold: They're using it for exactly what the Linked Data community does.
 ... At the moment they're using OBO ontologies, as unifying factor.  They're either creating new OBO resources or mapping existing OBO resources to the new facts coming in.
 ... They're looking at can this be transformed to disease ontology, LOINC code.  They want to map it into low/high measures that disease ont has (hypo/hyper).
 david: FHIR/RDF is already stepping up a level from  bare RDF -- a domain-specific language based on RDF.
 harold: FHIR/RDF is a first exmaple of RDF representation is available from the beginning.
 david: Action items?
 harold: 1. Possible Yosemite presentation.  2. relationship of RDF vs knowledge graphs.