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Tuesday, July 10, 2017 -- 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time



ITS Conference Call

Date / Time(s)

  • Call is scheduled first Tuesday of each month 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM (Eastern Time, GMT -05)

Screen sharing and Audio:

1. Dial into the conference:

  Dial-in Number: (515) 739-1285 - United States
  Access Code: 748563
  International Dial-in Numbers:

2. Join the online meeting:

  Online Meeting Link:
  Online Meeting ID: its5


  1. Role call and agenda
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meeting May 1, May 29 and March 13 and March 20
  3. Approve May 2018 WGM Minutes
  4. Announcements
  5. RDF sub-group report
  6. FHIRPath Ballot Reconciliation
  7. Review ITS FHIR Tasks
    • GF#14162 - additional custom HTTP headers -I want to approve to document custom optional headers X-Request-Id., X-Correlation-Id, X-Forwarded-For and X-Forwarded-Host
    • GF#16500 - I want to resolve to use application/fhir+ndjson, consistent with bulk data project usage.
    • GF#17356 - I want to resolve to use application/fhir+turtle instead of text/turtle, consistent with the other formats
    • GF#15775 - I want to defer specifying additional bulk data formats (though I'd love to see a connectathon on these formats as part of dealing with this issue)
  8. Action Items
    • Publish HL7 over HTTP DSTU
      • AS working on integration to display on preview site (2018-04-03)
    • Update ITS R1.1 for publishing
      • Last action: PK will work to complete for Feb 17, 2016 (2015-12-08)
    • Register hl7 as a namespace with IANA
      • Last action: PK will investigate process with Grahame Grieve (2018-04-03)
  9. Next Meeting
  10. Adjourn