Harmonization PHER CMETs with PA DMIM

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Public_Health_and_Emergency_Response_work_group_(PHER) has created a number of CMETs that conceptually could have been overarched by the Patient Administration DMIM, but have been created as part of separate effort. As a result use cases for those models were not taken into consideration at the time by Patient Administration. This page is to be used as a work-in-progress page to assess where differences are and to track how to mitigate them.

At the May 2014 WGM we discussed whether or not it may be useful to compare the POPH DMIM with the PA DMIM, rather than on a per CMET basis. The overview below is to guide us in deciding what DMIM differences are actually relevant to harmonization.


Relationship between models


Project 1100 - Harmonization PRPA DMIM with PHER DMIM.docx