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FMG Liaisons

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In order to ensure effective communications and awareness, the FMG has established formal primary and back-up liaisons between itself and the numerous HL7 work groups and external organizations that have some sort of interest in the development of FHIR. These liaisons engage in a number of ways:

  • They monitor their Work Group's list servers
  • They read minutes of the committee's conference calls and face-to-face meetings
  • When invited or when appropriate based on the Work Group's agenda (and possible based on schedule/timezones/etc.), they may choose to attend conference call's and face-to-face sessions
  • In these and other ways they act as primary point of contact between the work group and the FHIR FMG

Liaison's responsibilities include:

  • Monitor progress of work groups developing FHIR content to allow the FMG to appropriately plan balloting and other activities
  • Identify and/or surface issues the work groups may be having around FHIR activities, including bandwidth, tooling, methodology, cross-work-group coordination, etc.
  • Provide a conduit for information from the FMG to work group members, including changes to methodology or tools, ballot timelines and education availability

Note: A liason is *not* a modeling/publishing/development facilitator. Work Groups are expected to develop/manage their own content

A list of the Work Groups and external organizations that have been assigned liaisons can be found here: FMG Tracking Sheet Google Doc