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FHIR web hosting requirements

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This page discusses changes needed to the HL7 website to better support publishing FHIR


Support for multiple versions

There is a need to host a minimum of 3 versions of the specification:

Ideally, additional versions would also be hosted

  • a nightly build
  • a staging area
  • prior "official" versions

Remove redirects

FHIR should actually live at rather than Similar requirement for

Grahame: why?

Allow RESTful behavior

When executing HTTP calls against the specification, the website needs to support requesting particular content types (defaulting to html, but also supporting XML and JSON). Most FHIR specifications are themselves resources and it is useful to be able to retrieve them that way. As well, examples and value set instances can be retrieved in different ways. The natural way to do this in HTTP is with content type, not with distinct URLs.

Simplify HQ maintenance

Changes to make it easy to load and manage the FHIR content

Grahame/Mike: what do you want/need?


Who hosts?

External hosting is an option and is partially used now. Do we want to move everything under HL7?

Who publishes?

Where does that authority rest?