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FHIR Project planning

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This project plan is the working project plan covering the period from 20-May 2012 (post Vancouver WGM) to Saturday 8th September 2012 (Connectathon prior to Baltimore meeting)


Phase 1: Ballot preparation

  • Period: May -> 15th July
  • Finish the technical base (exchanged formats) ready for draft for comment on the general specification
  • resolve how balloting will work
  • marketing FHIR rationale and connectathon
  • finalise FHIR governance arrangements
  • agree to connectathon arrangements

Phase 2: Ballot lock-down

  • Period: 15th July -> end - Aug
  • quality check published spec for 1 week.
  • Finalise Connectathon arrangements
  • Work on Request/fulfillment cycle related resources
    • Also figure out how to handle "Definition" and other moods, where relevant
  • prepare draft resources for discussion in Baltimore
  • work on Semantic Web / definitional infrastructure
  • polish profile tooling
  • prepare tutorials for Baltimore

Phase 3: Meeting Preparation

  • Period Sept
  • update spec post ballot close
  • final connectathon arrangements
  • ballot triage
  • ensuring meeting plans in place

Phase 1

Finish the technical base

To Do:

  • What is data, and what is metadata (id, profile id) [1] (Gerry B. assists)
  • What do we put on the hData page? (Gerry B., some help requested)


  • Should we enable posting atom feeds to RESTful servers [2] (Done - No)
  • How to manage css in FHIR [3] (Done - see
  • binary resources in Atom [4] (Gerry B. assist) (Done - no requirement)
  • extensions plurality & naming - make consistent (Done)
  • make vocabulary model consistent internally to tooling (Done)
  • cardinality / conformance - refine model for clarity (Done)
  • add version element to Coding? (Done)
  • how does searching work? (Done for the ballot, though more work required)
  • build out the value set resource (Done)


  • collapse messaging and document resources in line
    • LM: Not sure what this means
    • GG: doesn't really matter. messaging page refers to message resource - drop it into the same page. ditto for documents
    • GG: done 28/05
  • update xml specs that aren't generated for final format
    • LM: Ditto
    • the little xml specs - elements + rules | type | doco - they autogenerated ones have changed, but there are manual ones scattered throughout to do as well
    • done 25/06
  • figure out how to link profiles into publication structure (Done 25/06)
  • produce pdf format for book form (JD will do)
  • build full atom example for document example (Gerry B. assist)

resolve how balloting will work

  • do people ballot against the book form with section identifiers, or against the page form without?
    • LM: I would say we provide both, but request that balloters quote section ids. Otherwise reconciliation is hard
  • adapt the usual excel spreadsheet, or build an actual web based system?
    • LM: For this round, no choice but Excel. No way we'll get it built, tested and OKed by HQ
    • GG: if not know, then when? as draft for comment, isn't this the right time...?
  • what committees do ballot reconciliation?
    • LM: In the draft for comment, I don't know that committees will have taken "ownership" of content yet. Should poll the infrastructure committees as to whether they want to do reconciliation on their sections or not. If not, we can do it via MnM. We'll want to change that for DSTU though. (We'll have to remember to leave some quarters for ballot reconciliation too :>)

Marketing / connectathon

  • See FHIR Connectathon
  • confirm arrangements are in place
  • figure out who will be admin lead for connectathon (Ewout/Grahame are technical leads)
  • announce connectathon + outcomes
  • prepare 1/2 page whitepapers
    • CIO types
    • Clinical users
  • rewrite introduction page to FHIR


  • Have Governance task force approve Mission & Charter and DMPs for FGB and FMG
  • Have Governance task force approve recommendations for initial participants
  • Have TSC approve Mission & Charter and DMPs for FGB and FMG and appoint initial members
  • Convene FGBs and FMGs and define initial governance points, metrics, policies, processes, etc.

Phase 2

Phase 3