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Project Information

This project aligned the FHIRPath specification with CQL such that CQL uses FHIRPath as it's base expression language. CQL then extends FHIRPath, adding support for libraries, expression definitions, functions, queries, and other functionality.

FHIRPath Repository FHIRPath GitHub Repository

CQL Repository Clinical Quality Language GitHub Repository

Initial Alignment Proposal FHIRPath:CQL::XPath:XQuery

Project Requirements: There are numerous requirements within the FHIR specification for the use of a graph query language. These requirements overlap the requirements for Clinical Quality Language, but introduce additional requirements that are not met by CQL. This project will seek to align the specifications into a single specification.

Requirements for the graph query language are a subset of the requirements for reasoning defined in Harmonization of Health Quality Artifact Reasoning and Expression Logic plus additional requirements for use within the FHIR specification as detailed here: FHIRPath Introduction.

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In progress.

Project Documents

The Clinical Quality Language Specification has passed ballot and has been published as an STU by HL7. The publication package is available to HL7 members here.

The FHIRPath specification proposal is avaiable here.

An initial proposal for alignment is available here.