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== Reference Information ==
== Reference Information ==
:* [[Media:File.ogg | Zip file with example Transaction.xml file and profiles for (partial) validation of it]]
:* [[DoF_Semantic_Content_Mapping | DoF Semantic Content Mapping (top level page)]]
:* [[DoF_Semantic_Content_Mapping | DoF Semantic Content Mapping (top level page)]]

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2017 HL7 WGM, Madrid, Spain - Device Track at FHIR Connectathon May 6-7


These organizations and individuals participated in the DoF event:

DoF 2017-05 FHIR Connectathon @HL7 Madrid WGM Participants
Organization Participant Email
Furore Michel Rutten m.rutten@furore.com
Furore Rien Wertheim rien.wertheim@furore.com
Philips John Rhoads john.rhoads@philips.com
Gevity Iryna Roy iroy@gevityinc.com
Kainos Sylwester Gryzio s.gryzio@kainos.com
Kainos K. Suchomski ksuchomski@kainos.com


Stefan Karl from Philips Healthcare Patient Monitoring, Boeblingen, Germany (stefan.karl@philips.com), was not able to attend the Connectathon but contributed an example bundle resource showing the linked use of Patient, Observation, Device, multiple DeviceComponent and DeviceMetric resources to represent both the hierarchical structure of the components of a physiological monitor reporting ECG heart rate and pulse oximeter oxygen saturation, background information on the metrics reported, and the quantitative results.

The participants on site used this example to explore creating StructureDefinition resources ("profiling") constraining the various components to conform to the model of the device and allow validation of the example bundle using simplifier.net and the Forge tool.

This proved to be a relatively complex exercise, which stimulated some fixes and improvements by Michel, who is the lead developer of Forge. An unresolved issue, for a future workaround, was the difficulty of validating the references between the contained resources due to the normal replacement of the references by the server.

Reference Information

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