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DeviceCapabilities FHIR Resource Proposal

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Replaced by DeviceComponent_FHIR_Resource_Proposal


Owning committee name

Health Care Devices (DEV) WG

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

FHIR Project Team

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

Project Insight 1103

Scope of coverage

The device capabilities and log resources are used when communicating with a device, either directly or indirectly via a proxy (usually the second). When a channel is opened with the device or it's proxy, it first sends the Capabilities resource, and then a series of log resources. The Capabilities resource describes how the DeviceLog resources are interpreted - they are simply raw data in as concise a form as possible.

  • The resource is applicable to any device that conforms to ISO 11073-10101.
  • Subjects/disciplines = this covers any kind of device that reports status
  • location - any
  • The scope does not include controlling the device, only receiving ongoing data and status information from the device

RIM scope

An Act, but it appears that we have never modeled this kind of thing - no suitable structural vocabulary appears to exist.

Resource appropriateness

  • This represents a rendition of the current ISO standard in a simpler to use format. There is already standardised data exchange. This resource represents a desire to have a simpler more accessible format for it
  • This resource should be understood as a transient structure separating data and metadata that leads to a device observation

Expected implementations

  • All kinds of devices that report data (or proxy/facades to them)

Content sources

  • ISO 11073-10101.
  • IHE device profiles

Example Scenarios

  • ECG device
  • wearable glucose monitor
  • wireless heartrate monitor

Resource Relationships

  • This resource will reference the "Device" resource so that a capabilities statement may reference an individual identified device.
  • The DeviceLog resource may refer to the capabilities statement that describes how it is interpreted


Ready for ballot for Sept DSTU

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