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* How to
** [[FHIR DSTU monitoring]] - how to monitor DSTU feedback
** [[FHIR Ballot Prep]] - tasks for the next ballot and milestone dates
** [[FHIR Build Process]] - Setting up and running the FHIR build process
** [[FHIR Guide to Authoring Resources|How to create resources]] (and [[FHIR Guide to Authoring Types|How to create types]])
** Materials: [ gForge], [ SVN Trunk]
*** For read-only SVN access, use "anonymous" and your email as a password.
*** For Commit privileges, send a request to
**[[:Category:FHIR_Resource_Proposal|FHIR resource and profile proposals]] - proposals for new resources & profiles
** [[FHIR Profile authoring]] - Creating and maintaining FHIR profiles (see also [[Profile Tooling]])
** [[FHIR Change requests]] - Process for managing and resolving
** [[FHIR_gForge_Tracker]] - Guidance for using the gForge tracker, including for ballot reconciliation
* Implementation Guides
* Implementation Guides
** [[FHIR Implementation Guides]] - General considerations for implementation guides
** [ CDA IG Quality Criteria] - how to create a quality CDA IG
** [[IG Publisher Documentation]] - Guidelines for setting up a new guide
** [[FHIR Implementation Guide Authoring|Old IG Publishing Method]] - Guidelines for setting up a new guide under old (deprecated, being phased out rapidly) IG infrastructure
** [[FHIR: Enhancing Implementation (ONC Grant Project)]]
** [[FHIR_email_list_subscription_instructions|List server]] - Structured Documents discussions
* Guidelines
** [[FHIR Trademark Policy]]
**CDA PRO link?
** [[FHIR Maturity Model]]
**Books by Keith and Tim?
** [ FHIR FMM/QA Tracking Spreadsheet]
** [[FHIR_Conformance_QA_Criteria | FHIR Conformance QA Criteria]]
** [[FHIR Management Policies]]
** [[Fundamental Principles of FHIR]]
** [[FHIR Methodology Process]] - how the methodology is developed and maintained
** [[FHIR Repository Process]] - Repository governance process and requirements
** [[FHIR Guide to Designing Resources|Methodology Guidelines]] - Content and quality guidelines
** [[FHIR Design Patterns|Design Patterns]]
** [[FHIR Comparison to other RESTful API specifications]]
** [[SDC FHIR Document Profiles]]
** [[FHIR_email_list_subscription_instructions|List server]] - discussions
** Discussion pages: [[:Category:Active FHIR Discussion|Active Discussions]], [[:Category:FHIR Discussion|All]]
** [[FHIR Design Requirements Sources]]
** [[FHIR Resource Types]]
** [[FHIR and GraphQL]]
** [[FHIR and the Direct Project]]
** [[FHIR Resource Considerations]]
** [[FHIR Governance| (old)]] - governance discussion with bits of methodology mixed in (to migrate to other pages)
** [[FHIR Tooling Eco-system]]
** [[FHIR Digital Signature Working Page]]
** [[FHIR Subscription Working Page]]
** [[FHIR Extensions Working Page]]
* WG FHIR pages
**[[Patient Administration Resource development]]
**[[CDA to FHIR Samples Group]]
**[[ C-CDA on FHIR Mapping]]
**[[ CDA on FHIR Mapping]]
**[[Devices on FHIR]]
**[[FHIR and Heart/UMA]] joint work

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Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR, pronounced "Fire") defines a set of "Resources" that represent granular clinical concepts. The resources can be managed in isolation, or aggregated into complex documents. Technically, FHIR is designed for the web; the resources are based on simple XML or JSON structures, with an http-based RESTful protocol where each resource has predictable URL. Where possible, open internet standards are used for data representation.

Community Participation Rules: FHIR Code of Conduct, FHIR Intellectual Property Rules

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  • Resources
    • CDA PRO link?
    • Books by Keith and Tim?