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** [ CDA R2.0 Errata]
** [ CDA R2.0 Errata]
* Contact Information
* Contact Information
** [[FHIR Support Page]]
** CDA Support Page - Doesn't exist
** Implementation help: [[ ask questions about FHIR]]
** Formal Contact point for the project: [[]]
**[ FHIR Chat (Zulip)] [[ community expectations]]
**[ FHIR gForge Tracker] for change requests/corrections
** FHIR Project Team Leads (FHIR Core Team): [[ Grahame Grieve]], [[ Ewout Kramer]], [[ Lloyd Mckenzie]]
** [[FHIR_email_list_subscription_instructions|List server]] - project email list
** [[FHIR_email_list_subscription_instructions|List server]] - project email list
* Help / Getting Started
* Help / Getting Started
**[[FHIR Starter]] - tutorial for FHIR newbies
**[[FHIR Teaching]] - sources of FHIR teaching, training, and tutorials
* Social Media on CDA
**[ FHIR Cheat Sheet] (DSTU 1)
**No specific to CDA
**[ FHIR Cheat Sheet] (DSTU 2)
**[ FHIR Cheat Sheet] (DSTU 3)
**[ Help desk FAQs & knowledge-base articles] (HL7 members only)
<!--**[[FHIR FAQ]] - business and technical perspectives-->
**[[FHIR Tools Registry]] - a list of useful tools for FHIR implementers
** [[FHIR for Clinical Users]] - an introduction to FHIR for non-technical people that will migrate to the specification in the future
**[[FHIR User Group]]
**[[FHIR for Consumers]]
**[[FHIR for Clinical Research]]
* Social Media on FHIR
**FHIR blogs [ David Hay], [ Ewout Kramer], [ Grahame Grieve], [ Keith Boone], [ Brian Postlethwaite], [ John Moehrke], [ Steve Munini], [ MITRE (Mark Kramer and colleagues)]
**FHIR News on Twitter [ FHIR News]
**FHIR Videos [ HIMSS FHIR Session], [] and [ Ringholm].
**[[Publicly Available FHIR Servers for testing]]
**[[Open Source FHIR implementations]]
**[[Organizations interested in FHIR]]
**[[Profile Tooling]]
**[ ClinFHIR] - web-based generic FHIR client
**[[FHIR Testing Platforms]]
* [[FHIR Implementations]]
* CDA Implementations?
* [[FHIR R2/R3 Transformation page]]
* Transformation page?
**Connectathon Process
**[ C-CDA Implementation-a-thons]
***[[FHIR Connectathon Track Process]]
***[[:Category:201801_FHIR_Connectathon_Track_Proposals|Proposed connectathon tracks for New Orleans, USA - Jan 2018]]
**Upcoming Connectathons
***[[FHIR Connectathon 17|Connectathon 17]] (Jan 27-28, 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana, US)
*Previous Connectathons and other events
*Previous Connectathons and other events

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Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR, pronounced "Fire") defines a set of "Resources" that represent granular clinical concepts. The resources can be managed in isolation, or aggregated into complex documents. Technically, FHIR is designed for the web; the resources are based on simple XML or JSON structures, with an http-based RESTful protocol where each resource has predictable URL. Where possible, open internet standards are used for data representation.

Community Participation Rules: FHIR Code of Conduct, FHIR Intellectual Property Rules

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  • Help / Getting Started
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  • Social Media on CDA
    • No specific to CDA
  • Testing
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  • CDA Implementations?
  • Transformation page?