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Child Health

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Note: The Child Health WG has now been incorporated into the Patient Care Work Group.

We support HL7's mission to create and promote health IT standards by defining data standards required for systems that are used to care for children.

Most Recent Co-Chairs

Mailing List

You can post via the web at HL7 listserv or by email at

Current Projects

Projects where Pediatric/Child Health Input is Welcomed/Needed

  • Exercise Physiology Domain Analysis Model
  • Pediatric Podiatric Concepts

Past Projects

  • Child Health Profile of the HL7 EHR Functional Model
  • Quality Reporting Document Architecture
  • Neonatal Care Report
  • Neonatal Care Profile of the EHR Functional Model describes functionality necessary for a U.S. neonatologist to provide care to newborns in the (1) delivery room, (2) neonatal intensive care unit (including level III ICUs), (3) outpatient follow-up of NICU graduates through their second birthday, and (4) during transport to other care facilities. It does not necessarily include functions necessary to provide subspecialty or surgical care in these environments, except as required by the neonatologist’s participation in those activities. However, the project will explore including functions to support ophthalmology follow-up after discharge for preterm infants, which is very time sensitive.
  • Version 2 of the Child Health Profile of the EHR Functional Model. We have contributed to Version 2 of the EHR Functional Model and await its final form (targeted ballot date: November 2011) before proceeding with our version 2. In the mean time, we are taking suggestions for additions or modifications to the profile.
  • Technical Expertise for the Child Health Format Project

Schedules and Agendas

  • General Monthly Meeting: 4th Wednesday of each month - 5pm Eastern
  • Biweekly meeting for Essential Information for Children with Special Healthcare Needs: every other Monday - 4pm Eastern
  • Biweekly meeting for Derived Domain EHR Profile for Developmental Screening: every other Monday - 4pm Eastern

Read about Informatics in Child Health

  • Textbook: Pediatric Informatics: Computer Applications in Child Health ISBN 0387764453
  • AAP Policy Statement: Special Requirements of Electronic Health Record Systems in Pediatrics AAP Policies
  • AAP Policy Statement: Using Personal Health Records to Improve the Quality of Health Care for Children AAP Policies
  • AAP Policy Statement: Electronic Prescribing Systems in Pediatrics: The Rationale and Functionality Requirements AAP Policies
  • AAP Policy Statement: Pediatric Aspects of Inpatient Health Information Technology Systems AAP Policies
  • AAP Policy Statement: Principles for the Development and Use of Quality Measures AAP Policies
  • AAP Policy Statement: Emergency Information Forms and Emergency Preparedness for Children With Special Health Care Needs AAP Policies