CDS WG Agenda 2018-09

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Clinical Decision Support Work Group Agenda Sept 2018 (9/29-10/5) Work Group Meeting, Baltimore, MD

Primary CDS Work Group meeting will be from Tue and Wed

Draft Agenda, currently copied mostly from 2018-05 Meeting

Agenda items pending allocation of time

Attendance tracking

Please use:

Other Work Groups' agendas

Saturday and Sunday: FHIR Connectathon

CDS Hooks and Clinical Reasoning tracks.

Monday: no official meetings

Arden Syntax meeting Monday rather than Tuesday

Q4 - Representatives invited by FHIR Infrastructure to discuss FHIR Workflow (multiple WGs invited)

Tues Q1: Joint with Arden (CDS hosts)

- Brief overview of WG activities

- Agenda review and update as needed

- WG health/administration issues

- ITS discussing FHIRPath (Bryn would need to attend; others welcome)

Tues Q2: CQI hosts CDS and FHIR Infrastructure reps (Kevin Shekleton and Isaac Vetter confirmed)

(to be determined by CQI since they host)

(potential topics)

- CDS Hooks 1.0 ballot reconciliation

- Connect-a-Thon CDS Hooks demos and updates

Tues Q3: CDS hosts CQI and FHIR Infrastructure reps (Kevin Shekleton and Isaac Vetter confirmed)

- Proposed agenda: CDS Hooks, FHIR Clinical Reasoning

Tues Q4: Regular meeting

- CDS Hooks ballot reconciliation

- Overflow: WG health/administration issues (e.g., updating PSS target dates)

- Overflow: PSSs and project planning

Wed Q1: Joint with CQI and CIMI, hosted by CQI

(owned by CQI so they can decide)


- CDS KNART project -- status update (15 min.)

- PE CDS CIMI model (?)

- QICore content review with CIMI

- Future of CIMI for CDS and CQI

Wed Q2: Joint with CQI (CQI hosts)

(to be determined by CQI)


- Brian Alper: Proposal for EBM on FHIR project (30 min.)

- FHIR ballot reconciliation related to CQI, CDS, and/or both (plan: CQL-based HQMF, CQL ballot reconciliation)

- Potentially invite pharmacy on discussion of drug-drug interactions project, knowledge representation (if CQI decides to hold this, please reach out to Pharmacy to coordinate). Richard Boyce and Thom Reese to send some slides to Ken and Bryn for a potential discussion/update.

Wed Q3: CQI to host CDS and Pharmacy

- Topic: PDDI project

Wed Q4: Joint session hosting CQI and CIMI

- CIMI for Quality (overflow)

Th Q1: CDS WG not officially meeting, but reps invited by O&O (also PC) to discusss order catalog, etc.