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C-CDA on FHIR Mappings and Profile Updates

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C-CDA on FHIR Mappings and Profile Updates Project

Welcome to the C-CDA on FHIR Mappings and Profile Updates Project Wiki Site. This wiki will be used to manage the information necessary to support development of a FHIR Implementation Guide that specifies mappings between C-CDA entry templates within C-CDA Documents and FHIR Profile revisions required to guide the transformation between C-CDA Documents to FHIR Documents.

  • Guiding principles used to manage the project, encourage collaboration, and focus the scope of the content to be included.
    • The PSS sets the scope and boundaries for the project
    • The document content requirements will be documented and preserved on this wiki to support ballot reconciliation and for future reference
      • Content requirements will be generated by analyzing actual examples readily in the United States, available on the internet,and considered to be a reputable reference resource by the steering committee
      • All samples will be considered by the industry team. Some samples may be determined to be out of scope or certain parts or aspects may be deemed out of scope.
    • Decision making over controversial topics will be handled in the larger context of the SDWG meeting.
      • Options will be developed using in a collaborative approach
      • Input will be sought from a panel of industry experts who are focused on the use case of document transformation between C-CDA and FHIR.
      • Working sessions will be conducted with a technical team who will focus on mapping development, Profile updating and IG publication.
      • Final decisions will be governed through Structured Documents (Project Sponsor)

Project Information

  • Project Listservs:

Proof of Concept Project

A project was created to determine the process and effort required to create bidirectional CDA/FHIR mappings that can be tested at FHIR Connectathons. The intent of this project was to create an initial set of draft mappings for the FHIR Connectathon 18 on May 12-13, 2018. Following the testing of these draft mappings, a final set of mappings was produced and delivered on August 21, 2018. The mappings and the effort involved in creating them are part of a proof-of-concept that will be used to determine future efforts to map all of the C-CDA Implementation Guide to the FHIR specification.

A second phase of the project began on August 22, 2018 and completed more mappings of C-CDA entry templates.

[Project Confluence Page] [Mapping Github Page]

Meeting Times Current Agenda

Conference Calls

Technical Team conference call

Default Meeting time is Monday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time for 1 hour.

Participation Information

Phone Number:United States: +1 (224) 501-3412
Participant Access Code: 944-873-037

Web Meeting Info

[Link to Join]

Lisa Nelson to Host

Agenda Items

Current Agenda - Technical Team

  1. Review of PSS and plan for RFP
  2. Plan for gathering test files and for developing test sling

Past Minutes

Working Documents

Last updated: TBD