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Appointment CMETs

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Patient Administration WG Changes to Appointment CMETs


At the January 2009 work group meeting the Patient Administration work group received an enhancement request for A_Appointment universal. The CMET is called universal but it contains only limited information about an appointment. In fact its description says "Used in situations where an encounter or service needs to refer back to the appointment that scheduled the event. This CMET is not intended to convey all appointment information, but just enough to identify the appointment and optionally, an appointment request."

This wiki page is to consider requirements for revised A_Appointment CMETs.

Proposed new artefacts, requirements

New A_Appointment universal CMET

Suggestion: Base the A_Appointment universal CMET on the Full Appointment RMIM (PRSC_RM010000UV). That RMIM is here Full Appointment RMIM. The RMIM would require the following changes:

  • Gregg: Change cardinality on Subject participation from 1..* to 0..* since the current A_Appointment CMET does NOT include the patient
  • Gregg: Add code attribute to Device to permit categorizing the ManufacturedDevice participating in the Appointment as a reusableDevice
  • René: we probably don't want the entire R-MIM in the CMET. The identifier of the APT act, and the participations (with scheduled resources) are probably of key interest. The scheduled resources (roles) themselves need not be present in full detail, id/code are the key attributes for the resources.

New A_Appointment identified/confirmable CMET

Suggestion: Use the exiting A_Appointment universal (COCT_RM020000UV01) RMIM as the source for a new A_Appointment identified-confirmable CMET. That RMIM is here A_Appointment universal (COCT_RM020000UV01).


  • Gregg: Note that neither the current Scheduling RMIM nor the A_Appointment CMET have any attribute-level documentation so there remains a major effort to write that documentation and add it to the models before this can go to ballot.

Decisions from 2/11/09 Conference call

  • Ballot new A_Appointment identified-confirmable (identical to existing A_Appointment universal) as Normative
  • Ballot new A_Appointment universal as Draft for Comment to determine requirements

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