Adminstrative Management Domain Analysis Model

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The Administrative Management Domain Analysis Model is a joint project of the Financial Management, Patient Administration and Personnel Management Technical Committees. The links on this page are for artifacts being developed as part of this project.

Collaborative Storyboard

AMDO_ST000001 Total Hip Replacement

FM Account & Billing Domain

Patient Billing Account Topic

Close Patient Billing Account   
Create Patient Billing Account   
Delete Patient Billing Account   
Merge Patient Billing Account   
Update Patient Billing Account

Patient Billing Post Topic

Post Financial Transaction Notification

FM Financial Coverage Domain

Eligibility Determination Topic

 Premium Assistance

Healthcare Coverage Enrollment Topic

Eligibility Verification Topic

Policy or Program Contract Topic

Healthcare Explanation of Benefit Topic

Healthcare Certificate Of Creditable Coverage Topic

Continuation of Coverage Topic

Covered Parties Topic

Adverse Determination Appeal Topic

    • FM Claims & Reimbursement Domain
      • Eligibility Topic
      • Authorization Topic
      • Coverage Extension Topic
      • Pre-Determination Topic
      • Invoice Topic
      • Payment Advice Topic
      • SOFA Topic
      • Poll Topic
    • Patient Administration Domain
      • Person Topic
      • PatientLivingSubject Topic
    • Personnel Management Domain
      • Human Resource Topic
      • Regulatory Topic
      • Provider Registry Topic
      • Organization Registry Topic
    • Scheduling Domain
      • Appointment Topic