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Order Catalog

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

  • Orders and Observations WG


Resources and Resource profiles needed to support catalogs of various types (lab compendia, medication formularies, healthcare service directories, etc) are in an early draft stage. These include a Catalog profile on Composition, a CatalogEntry resource, an ObservationDefinition resource, a SpecimenDefinition resource, and potentially a profile on ActivityDefinition. This connectathon track is intended to test the design approach and confirm the resource set meets the needs of the use case.

Clinical input requested

Related tracks

LIVD does not use the Catalog profile, but is using some of the definitional resources such as ObservationDefinition, and we expect to work together.

Proposed Track Lead

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

François Macary
Email: francois.macary@phast.fr
Zulip: François Macary

Expected participants

The following organizations have indicated an interest in participating in this track:

  • Phast (France) - a FHIR R4 server supporting a clinical lab compendium: http://jade.phast.fr/SanAntonio_FhirServer/api/FHIR
  • University of Utah will participate with a FHIR client able to query a lab compendium.
  • Quest Diagnostics (US laboratory) acting as a client administrating a lab compendium
  • Medlinx/Helix (Russian laboratory) acting as a client administrating and querying a lab compendium


Please include information here regarding how much advance preparation will be required if creating a client and/or server.

Catalog Server

The base release is R4, which contains the latest updates of the resources listed below. A FHIR Server should support the following resources for this track:

  • Catalog Profile of Composition
  • CatalogEntry
  • Content resources appropriate to the type of catalog. For Lab:
    • ActivityDefinition
    • SpecimenDefinition
    • ObservationDefinition

A FHIR server is available for testing with sample data

Catalog Consumer

  • University of Utah: Client browsing the content of a clinical laboratory compendium
  • Quest Diagnostics: Client administrating a clinical laboratory compendium


This connectathon track will test the following interactions based on a clinical laboratory compendium:

Administration of the catalog by a clinical laboratory

  • Creation of new catalog entries
  • Update of catalog entries
  • Retirement of a catalog entry and replacement by another one

All these interactions use Bundle of type "transaction" and "transaction-response"

Query and retrieval of catalog entries by a CPOE system

Search Catalog by title

GET [base]/composition?title=[Catalog.title]

Example: http://jade.phast.fr/SanAntonio_FhirServer/api/FHIR/composition?title=CIOlab

Check Catalog by id

GET [base]/composition/[catalogId]

Example: http://jade.phast.fr/catalogs/api/fhir/composition/2

Search catalog entry by name of specialty

Example: search for virology orderable tests and panels

Search catalog entry by name of orderable service

Example: search all entries corresponding to orderable tests or panels containing the word "sodium"

Retrieve details for an orderable diagnostic service

GET [base]/CatalogEntry?_has:Composition:_id=2&_id=[CatalogEntry id]



Security and Privacy Considerations