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201901 vhdir

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Track Name


Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

FHIR-I / Federal Health Architecture / Office of the National Coordinator


VhDir IG describes the architectural considerations for attesting to, validating, and exchanging data from a central source of validated provider data (i.e. a Validated Healthcare Directory or VHDir), as well as a RESTful FHIR API for accessing data from a VHDir.

Many of the clinical workflows require the provider data such as their location details, their electronic address to send information, their specialty, their insurance preferences etc. All of this data gets curated in a healthcare directory which is then accessed in clinical workflows to perform the necessary actions.

Technical Considerations: The Connectathon should identify the technical APIs that are most meaningful, the specific search parameters that are most meaningful.

Policy Considerations: The Connectathon should identify what kind of validations should be performed on the data before consuming the data.

Clinical input requested

Yes, need to determine the commonly used search parameters in workflows for making the directory information useful.

Related tracks

Transitions of Care.

Proposed Track Lead

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

Daniel Chaput, Alex Kontur.

Expected participants



Please include information here regarding how much advance preparation will be required if creating a client and/or server.

VhDir Server

The VhDir Server provides the validated health care directory content to all the local environments via VhDir Clients. The VhDir has to preload a set of validated healthcare directory information.

VhDir Client

The VhDir Client queries and downloads validated healthcare directory content from VhDir Server. The VhDir client has to support the various search APIs for workflows to retrieve the directory content.


1. VhDir Client queries VhDir Server for Practitioner information

2. VhDir Client exposes the VhDir Server information using the VhDir Search APIs.

Scenario 1 : VhDir Client queries the VhDir Server

Action: VhDir Client queries the VhDir Server
Precondition: VhDir Server is pre-loaded with validated healthcare directory information.
Success Criteria: Clients should be able to successfully download the provider information.
Bonus point: Query Practitioner Information and use include parameters to retrieve additional information such as Organization, practitionerRole, OrganizationAffiliation.

Scenario 2 : VhDir Client exposes the VhDir Server information using the VhDir Search APIs.

Action: VhDir Client exposes the downloaded healthcare directory information to the workflow using FHIR APIs, in this case the Client is exposing as a FHIR Server.
Precondition: VhDir Client has downloaded the healthcare directory information from VhDir Server.
Success Criteria: clients in workflow should be able to query healthcare directory for specialty, location, address etc.
Bonus point: Use the VhDir Extensions and VhDir specific search parameters to query the information.


Security and Privacy Considerations