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201805 Questionnaire Track

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Track Name

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

Structured Data Capture/FHIR Infrastructure


Questionnaires (and the ability to easily get data into and out of them) seems likely to be a key part of the solution to data capture and presentation of a number of "complex" structures for clinical care, claims management, research and other areas. The SDC project has made several updates to the IG that we'd like to test and we also want to prepare for additional testing in conjunction with Boston DevDays.

Proposed Track Lead

Lloyd McKenzie

Skype ID: lmckenzi

Expected participants

Grahame Grieve, Brian Postlethwaite, NLM, ???


Form Designer

Creates, submits, and revises Questionnaires

Form Filler

Captures user form input

Form Manager

Serves as the repository for form definitions and may also perform pre-population

Form Receiver

Serves as a repository for completed forms



Objective: Test the form creation language defined by the SDC specification

1. Create an SDC-conformant form

Action: SDC Form Designer creates a new Questionnaire instance that is conformant with the SDC Questionnaire profile
Precondition: none
Success Criteria: Form passes validation against the Questionnaire schema and is identified as valid against the SDC Questionnaire profile by the FHIR profile validation tool
Bonus Point: Define a Questionnaire that includes conditional display
Bonus Point: Define a Questionnaire that includes special rendering/style requirements
Bonus Point: Define contained or independently persisted value sets

2. Submit form

Action: SDC Form Designer submits Questionnaire to an SDC Form Manager for storage
Precondition: Questionnaire has been defined, Form Designer knows base URL for form manager
Success Criteria: Questionnaire is stored on Form Manager Server

3. Query forms

Action: SDC Form Filler or SDC Form Designer searches an SDC Form Manager for Questionnaires using one or more of the SDC-supported search criteria
Precondition: Questionnaires are available on the SDC Form Manager
Success Criteria: Set of matching Questionnaires is returned
Bonus Point: Make use of sorting and paging parameters

4. Update form

Action: the SDC Form Designer revises an existing Questionnaire previously stored in the SDC Form Manager and submits an update
Precondition: A version of the Questionnaire exists on the SDC Form Manager and the Form Designer
Success Criteria: A new version of the Questionnaire exists on the SDC Form Manager. The original version remains accessible via a history query
Bonus Point: Hand collision detection using e-tags

Completed Forms

Objective: Test the ability to render, navigate, and capture data based on forms defined using SDC syntax

1. Render SDC form for input

Action: SDC Form Filler converts the definition of an SDC Questionnaire into a user interface that can solicit data from a human
Precondition: SDC Questionnaire has been retrieved
Success Criteria: Human can fill out the form populating the questions and groups within the Questionnaire
Bonus Point: Enforce conditional display while the user populates the Questionnaire
Bonus Point: Render the Questionnaire taking into account the special rendering/style requirements
Bonus Point: Provider appropriate interfaces to select from a referenced ValueSet

2. Record answers

Action: SDC Form Filler submits completed QuestionnaireResponse to an SDC Form Receiver
Precondition: SDC Questionnaire has been received and populated
Success Criteria: QuestionnaireAnswers instance is available for query on the SDC Form Filler
Bonus Point: Store a partially-completed QuestionnaireResponse
Bonus Point: Validate that the QuestionnaireResponse instance is valid against the Questionnaire and referenced ValueSets

3. Update answers

Action: SDC Form Filler retrieves QuestionnaireResponse instance and associated Questionnaire and displays the Questionnaire with data populated for update
Precondition: SDC Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse instances are available for query
Success Criteria: Revised QuestionnaireResponse instance is stored on SDC Form Receiver reflecting user's edits
Bonus Point: Ensure conditional display rules are enforced based on already populated data

Form Population

Objective: Test ability to pre-populate/auto-populate forms

1. Pre-populate a form

Action: SDC Form Filler invokes the $populate operation on an SDC Form Manager passing a Questionnaire id and a C-CDA instance
Precondition:SDC Form Filler has retrieved an SDC Form referencing DataElements which contain xpath mappings to a C-CDA document where the specified paths exist in the test C-CDA instance
Success Criteria: The SDC Form Filler receives a QuestionnaireResponse instance with the matching questions populated
Bonus Point: SDC Form Filler renders content appropriately following conditional display values - including hiding the populated elements that aren't allowed to be displayed

Dynamic forms

Objective: Test use of CDS Hooks to guide Questionnaire completion

1. Dynamically complete form

Action: SDC Form Filler triggers CDS Hook while completing questionnaire. CDS Hook triggers Form Manager passing partially-competed QuestionnaireResponse to return an adjusted Questionnaire containing additional questions based on answers completed thus far. This process may be iterated several times
Precondition: Form Manager is subscribed to necessary hooks
Success Criteria: QuestionnaireResponse is fully submitted against a "custom" Questionnaire designed based on answers


Not yet decided

Security and Privacy Considerations

- No expectation of secure connection, authentication, audit, etc. as part of this track