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201801 Encounter

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Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

Patient Administration


The Encounter resource has been around for quite a while now, and we would like to get some real implementer feedback on the readiness of the resource is to move up the FMM levels.

Of particular interest is the part of and history parts of the Encounter resource, and if some are able to, the linkage from the Appointment resource.

Given the slow uptake or exposure of this resource, we're considering a different style of connectathon here. We're looking for example resources from as far and wide from everyone's systems (even better if you've got the API for us to read them all!) The result of the connectathon we'd like to report a list of the systems, and the properties that they've used. A kind-of resource property coverage matrix.

Essentially planning to statistically compare example property usage

We expect that the real effort for participants in this track will be in getting the spread of different encounter types (that contain the various different properties - e.g. Hospitalization, Inpatient, outpatient, emergency, general practice, community ...)

Proposed Track Lead

Brian Postlethwaite (skype: sgtshultzpos email: brian_pos at hotmail dot com) See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

Expected participants

  • Telstra Health
  • Epic (Cooper)
  • Cerner


Encounter Server

The Encounter server just needs to be a FHIR server that will respond to either the search or history operation and provide a set of resources

Statistics Counter

This will be a client app that simple interrogates the Encounter resources provided, and collates an aggregate of the usage of values in a server (data generated by Synthia, Crucible or touchstone should be excluded) Output could be in the form of a TestReport resource

Brian from Telstra Health plans to provide a simple one of these, based on the data format found in the link in the justification section.


Expose your encounter server (or resources) for testing

Scenario Step 1 Name

Action: Tester uses a Statistics Counter to connect to the FHIR server
Precondition: The server must have Encounter resources available
Success Criteria: The Counter is able to retrieve the resources and report the property usage results
Bonus point: SMART Authentication was used to access the data


There will be no fixed test scripts as this is a quantitative test to verify the resource usage, rather than an implementations conformance

Security and Privacy Considerations

As we would like to get details on data that is as real as possible, a downloadable tool (from GitHub) may be provided to run on your own internal data, and report the results.