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2018-05-29 BR&R Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover (Chair/Scribe)
  • Ed Helton (Chair)
  • Boris Brodsky (Chair)
  • Myron Finseth (Chair, Scribe)


  • Julia Chan
  • Julie Evans
  • Norman Gregory
  • Catherine Hosage Norman
  • Wendy Ver Hoef
  • Robinette Renner
  • Jane Pollack
  • Marti Velesis
  • Dragon
  • Gayathri Jayawardena
  • Rachael Roan
  • Rik Smithies
  • Shreya
  • Bill Friggle
  • Craig Anderson
  • Nagesh Bashyan
  • Abdullah Rafiqi

Agenda Items and notes

1. Minutes Approval

  • Last conference call (2018-05-08)
  • Approve minutes from conference call on April 10th
  • Motion to approve (Julie Evans), second (Dragon), Approved
  • Discussion None

Abstain: Bill Friggle Oppose: None. [Passed by acclamation]

1.1 Summary of Working Group Meeting in advance of minutes (Hugh)

Hugh gave an overview of the discussions during the WGM in Cologne:

Monday q3: Pharmacy. They certainly felt it hadn’t been followed. Not disposed to join the PSS at this stage. PSS got some revisions from OO later in the week.

Tuesday Q1: IDMP Substances. Co-sponsor on PSS on evidence-based. From Records. APpproved. Looked at CDMH project. Additional bits was to put on wiki on awareness of stuff. CDMH mappings additions to be made to BRIDG. Seemed very positive. We will try to make some use of that.

Tuesday Q2: Tuesday 3&$ BRIDG architecture. Set of amendments we talked about these, they are agreed-upon amendments. In the next ballot if possible. Renaming some of the activities to get better consistency.

Wed Q1 & Q2. Use cases. There is a Wayne Kubrick to talk to BioPharma. What BIoPharma could do. Half are things we already have. We looked at this in more detail. But more a set a business processes. Smita looked at some old work on using this as an underpinning

Wed Q3: Anatomic Pathology. Went through PSS. Nothing out of the ordinary. Fairly straightforward. Verification results recording. If you have an investigator, confirming their credentials. Verifying.

Wed q4: Lab Model. Connectathon. Slightly stymied. Jeff Lowe not able to join. Jeff and Bob Milius looking at resources. BR&R looked at these. Discussed use cases in more detail. Pam and Robinette to present procedures.

Thursday Q1: FHIR management. Substance Reference PSS. Balloting and creating extensions. David Hay walked us through clinFHIR and ConMan. Management of Connectathons. For taking a business process and finding out what records to use on that business process.

Thursday Q2: Continue above. Approve PSS. CDISC.

2. Projects

  • The CRN PSS was submitted on 05-23-2018. Approved and active.
  • The CDMH PSS was submitted on 05-25-2018
  • The BRIDG 5.0 PSS was submitted on 05-25-2018

2.1 General discussion items

Co-Chairs need to straighten out call-in problems. Two different numbers are being used. Myron Ed, and Norman were on a different phone line at the beginning of the meeting.

  • Ed recommended we send out an invite to BR&R at listserv. And put correct number in it, so that everyone gets it on their calendar. The safest thing to do.
  • Hugh recommended everyone also go to the wiki. That is the official notice.
  • Hugh indicated that the BRIDG ballot reconciliation was approved. and will be documented in meeting minutes when available.
  • Myron confirmed that the CRN PSS was approved.
  • Ed asked if the PSS for BRIDG 5.0 PSS was submitted. Ed asked if anyone called for a vote to approve this? To agree to this ballot? If not, we need to take a vote.
  • Hugh: I think it’s covered. But covered in the PSS section.
  • Ed congratulated Hugh on being voted as new co-chair.
  • Myron needs to submit the Publication Request for BRIDG 4.0

1.2 General discussion items


3.1 FHIR Tracker Items

  • none

4. Action Item List

  • Review

5. AOB

  • Hugh announced an opportunity to move BR&R meeting minutes to a new wiki tool called "Confluence". More about Confluence in a future meeting.